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Albert Bell

Vocals, Bass, Guitars

Born on 6th November, 1967, Albert “Dr.Doom” Bell has been championing heavy metal ever since his entry into the Maltese metal since the 1980s. Handling bass duties, he formed his first band Exorcist (later renamed Kremation) in 1984, which was one of the Island’s incipient speed/thrash metal bands. Kremation hit the local stages regularly and passionately  in their hey-day and released a full-length album on cassette titled “Guardian of the Realm” in 1987, which was launched at City Hall theatre in Floriana (previously called ABC). 

Following Kremation’s untimely demise in 1988, Albert joined Malta’s most seminal speed/thrash metal band  Vandals on bass in 1989, leaving the band in 1991 to help establish Forsaken and doom metal as a powerful force in Malta and beyond. With five full-length albums, two EPs and one split EP and countless live shows both locally and abroad, Forsaken remain a mainstay in epic doom metal, and have helped to internationalise the Maltese metal scene. 

In 2006, Albert co-founded Nomad Son – a band with combines vintage, classic rock elements with doom metal, which is presently working on its long-awaited fourth full-length album while still hitting the stage with the same furore and fervour that characterised the band’s live shows in Malta and abroad since their inception.

In 2011, Albert decided to start his own studio project , Albert Bell’s Sacro Sanctus, which sees Albert handling all the song-writing, vocals and most of the instrumentation, while paying homage to his formative influences, from Venom and Celtic Frost, to Motorhead and Black Sabbath. A fourth full-length album (charting 700 years of medieval European history) titled “Sword of Fierbois” was released in September, 2022 once more on Italy’s Metal on Metal Records. 

In 2019, Albert re-joined Vandals (now called  X-Vandals) on second guitar. The band are presently focused on writing a new album to which Albert is also contributing to.

Albert is also the founder of the Malta Doom Metal festival, which is now on hiatus after 10 memorable editions (between 2009-2018) where Albert and his team secured memorable shows by various doom and old school metal bands to the gratification of the Island’s passionate doom and old school metal community.

In 2021, Albert was recruited by the historic Brazilian doom band The Cross to handle all the bass work for their new album “Act II: Walls of the Forgotten”. The album was released by Cyprus’ Pitch Black Records early 2023.



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