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Alexia Baldacchino


Alexia Baldacchino, born in 1981, Maltese, painter and Artisan from Sliema, Malta. 

Alexia is the founding member of the acclaimed metal band Memento Nostri (currently inactive). The band she created focused on promoting Maltese history, in particular the Great Siege of 1565 which was the theme chosen for the concept album. In August 2006, the band launched their first single to much critical acclaim. Memento Nostri launched their promo album Pro Patria at Montekristo Estates on August 21, 2010 in an event that also featured the official launch of the band and the video of the CD's title track. They were warmly received by the general public, and quickly established Memento Nostri as one of the more unique bands our local music scene has produced. The band was nominated for 2 awards at the Malta Music Awards 2010, namely Best Heavy Metal Band and Best website, winning the latter. It was a great honour to be nominated for two awards especially having entered the awards with an EP, not a full-length album. 

Given the unique music combination and theme, the band received various requests from offshores record labels and touring possibilities but circumstances concerning the other band members, the band had to decline. 

During 2013 and 2014, she also was the vocalist of a Medieval inspired band called Bibita where together with her fellow band members she performed all around Malta in various events. 

Since then Alexia together with her husband, formed a duo named Tryst Arcane, creating a unique style of music which style they are calling ‘Minimal Dark’. Deliberately shorn of any conventional percussive arrangements, Tryst Arcane’s music emanates simply from an esoteric rendezvous of sweeping keys’ riffs combined with mystifying vocal melodies. Lyrics garner elements of mysticism mixed with realism pertinent to our existence.The first EP ‘Autumn’ was released on most digital platforms on the 7th October 2019 and the CD was released on 4th November, 2019. The Vinyl version was released on 7th November 2021, accompanied by a live virtual launch, released on Youtube, during Covid times. The second EP ‘Sun Of Other Days’, (featuring Emanuel Portelli, a great musician and good friend from Victims of Creation, Hemplifier, Thy Legion & Animamortua) will be released on most digital platforms on 11th August 2023, and later in 2023 this will also be released on Vinyl. From this EP, the single LURA will be released on most digital platforms on 23rd June 2023. 2023. 

Currently Alexia is also involved with various bands and musicians featuring as guest vocalist.



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