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AnneMarie Spiteri

Vocals ©

Singing for as long as She can remember her love towards music started off from singing along cartoon theme songs on Italian television.

Inspired and influenced by bands such as “Nightwish” and “Within Temptation” whose symphonic elements took her into an unlimited world of imagination and fantasy, at 19 years of age she joined a local ambiance, atmospheric, metal band called “Sepia.” Soon afterwards she started to take classical singing lessons with Ms. Antoinette Miggiani, whose years of coaching were necessary and essential into shaping her style.

After Sepia got disbanded, she took part in various other musical projects, that formed part of the local underground scene, including “Nisga” a folk world- music oriented band, and “Deluge of Sorrow” - an experimental, atmospheric doom metal band, participating in both mainstream events such as “Ghanafest” and “Notte Bianca” as well as events in the underground scene.

In 2015 she joined local symphonic, death and black metal band “Martyrium”. This band provided her with the opportunity to tour and participate in gigs and festivals in: Ukraine, Romania, Italy, France,Slovakia Germany and Belgium. Throughout this time she shared the stage with huge bands and names in the metal scene including: Sepultura, Cradle of Filth and Behemoth.

By then Annemarie had also become an event and festival organizer, as ‘Martyrium’ were in talks with different foreign and local bands who participated in their annual local festivals. She is up to this very day in charge of organizing and coordinating the yearly festival “SoundArt Malta”

Throughout this time Annemarie was also part of “Viper soup Complex”. At the time the band was occupied with writing new materials for their first album, as well as preparing for live local gigs.

By the end of 2017, her time with “Martyrium” had come to an end and “Deluge of sorrow” took a bit of a back seat however “Viper Soup complex” still went and goes on.
“Viper Soup Complex” have proudly released their debut album on the 22nd of October 2018. They have so far also been given the opportunity to perform with significant foreign bands (such as “Septic Flesh”) in localfestivals. Between 2018 and the end of 2019 Annemarie toured together with the band in various countries, bringing their music to Poland, Romania,Belgium, Italy and the UK sharing the stage with “Riverside” in March of 2019 amongst others.

In 2022 following the pandemic, Annemarie (together with Vipersoup complex) resumed her touring explorations, as the band shared the stage with “Within temptation” in Romania and “Focus” in the UK to name but a few. Together with viper Annemarie is currently focused on the release of their EP and is exploring new musical and theatrical directions through other involvements she has with CentreStage Malta.

“Viper Soup Complex” has given her the space to express herself through theatrics, props and choreographies. Currently Annemarie sees theseperforming arts as being next in line for further improvements. areas of development.



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