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Dean Montanaro


Dean Montanaro, born in 1994 in Malta, is a highly versatile electric and upright bass player currently based in Rotterdam. His musical journey commenced at the age of 10, when he delved into the world of electric bass, later immersing himself in jazz and improvisational music.
Throughout his formative years, Dean honed his craft by engaging in creative collaborations with trios and exploring collective composition in various dynamic setups. In 2017, he made a pivotal move to the Netherlands to pursue his passion for music further.
Dean's dedication and talent culminated in his graduation with honors from the bachelor's program at Codarts Rotterdam in 2021, followed by the completion of a master's degree in jazz electric bass at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam in 2023, achieving an exceptional final score of 9.5 out of 10.
During his educational journey, Dean had the privilege of studying under the tutelage of esteemed bassists such as Gary Willis, Stefan Lievestro, Mario Rossy, and Glen Gaddum, as well as receiving guidance in composition and arranging from notable mentors including Amit Gur, Oscar van Dillen, and Reinier Baas.
Dean's diverse musical projects showcase his innovative approach to music. From the jazz sextet Antares Flare, blending afro-beat and electro-psychedelic influences, to his own project, Mipa & the Best Language Ever, featuring a unique fusion of musical and literary elements, Dean's artistry knows no bounds.
His contributions to the international music scene extend far and wide, with performances spanning 13 countries across Europe and beyond. Dean is also an active participant in the Medinea Network, collaborating with fellow musicians under the direction of Fabrizio Cassol.
In addition to his prolific performance career, Dean is deeply engaged in studio work, teaching both electric and double bass privately, and contributing his talents to various event bands and projects.
Dean's remarkable journey is punctuated by a string of prestigious awards and grants, including the Malta Arts Scholarship, Malta Music Award nomination, Stipendium Vrienden van Codarts, Endeavour Scholarship, Amarte Fonds, and Sena Production Fund. These accolades underscore his unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation in the world of music.

Cuckoo Island - The Ranch (2015)
Eargonauts (2019)
INDA (2019)
Blue Tangerine (Klarthe, 2019)
Skizzi Għas-Sette Giugno - Dominic Galea (2019)
Muddy Water - Aseo Trio (2021)
BRiMBA (2021)
Antares Flare (Wicked Wax, 2022)
The Berlin Sessions - Daan Sanders (2022)
Live EP - Antares Flare (Wicked Wax, 2023)

Awards & Grants
Malta Arts Scholarship (2017-2021)
Malta Arts Fund w/ Blue Tangerine (2018)
Malta Music Award Nomination: Best Album w/ Blue Tangerine (2020)
Stipendium Vrienden van Codarts (2021)
Makersloket Droom en Daad (2021)
Endeavour Scholarship (2021-2023)
Amarte Fonds w/ Antares Flare (2022)
Sena Production Fund w/ Su Nichel (2023)



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