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Julian Grech


Viktor Vella

Julian Grech, born in 1976, Maltese, Electrical Designer from Mellieha, Malta. 
Julian, classically-trained on the piano since the tender age of 5years, is one of the founding members of 2 successful bands, namely hard-rock/progressive band Frenzy Mono and doom metal band Nomad Son. 

Frenzy Mono managed to release 2 studio albums - Unorthodox in 2006 & O.B.E. in 2010. Gigged intensely the local scene for more than a decade and was entrusted to be the supporting act for international stars, sharing the stage with highly renowned artists such as Robert Plant from legendary Led Zeppelin, The Animals, and others. 
Meanwhile, the other band Nomad Son, were signed by the Italian-Polish record label Metal on Metal in 2008, under which label they have released 3 Studio Albums - First Light on CD in 2008, on Vinyl in 2009, The Eternal Return on CD in 2010, on Vinyl in 2011, and The Darkening on CD in 2013. On Vinyl, the first 2 albums were released co-jointly with the reputable Emanes Records from France. Nomad Son are presently working on their 4th album, to be released during 2024. 

With Nomad Son, Julian has gigged extensively around Europe for numerous tours and shows and headlining several Doom metal Festivals. Nomad Son have had the honour to also share the stage with international artists such as Dream Theatre, Paradise Lost, Uriah Heep, Candle Mass, and many more. 

Both bands were also awarded various awards in the local Malta Music Awards, namely best album artwork for O.B.E. by Frenzy Mono, Best international achievement and Best heavy metal band for Nomad Son in 2010. 

In recent years, Julian has also created another musical project, named Tryst Arcane, along with his wife Alexia, who is a Soprano singer (She is the vocalist of acclaimed Memento Nostri, local Metal band). With the relatively-new duo, they are currently giving life to a particularly dark style of music, creating new original tracks, comprising of various keyboard landscapes, with church organ passages and classical piano influences, on top of which lays the enchanting melodic voice of Alexia. The first EP ‘Autumn’ was released on most digital platforms on the 7th October 2019 and the CD was released on 4th November, 2019. The Vinyl version was released on 7th November 2021, accompanied by a live virtual launch, released on Youtube, during Covid times. The second EP ‘Sun Of Other Days’, (featuring Emanuel Portelli, a great musician and good friend from Victims of Creation, Hemplifier, Pilgramage, Thy Legion & Animamortua) will be released on most digital platforms on 11th August 2023, and later in 2023 this will also be released on Vinyl. From this EP, the single LURA will be released on most digital platforms on 23rd June 2023.



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