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Kelly Busuttil


Kelly Busuttil is a mezzo soprano- singer / songwriter (Genres: Rock, Metal, Progressive, Alternative, Rock and Roll, Soul) Maltese, born in Belgium, Kelly immediately fell in love with music while following the band of the family’s next door neighbour. She started formal vocal lessons in Malta at age five. This early love for music has led her to perform in Malta, Italy and USA. Her past experiences include performing at the ‘Beland Music Festival’, ‘Farsons Beer Festival’, ‘Malta Marathon’, ‘Strummin’, ‘Mumenti’ and as backing vocalist for the maltese band ‘The Crowns’ at the Valletta New Years Eve Celebrations. She has been nominated for the Upcoming Artist award in Malta in 2013 and in 2017.

Kelly carried on with her vocal studies in Rome, taking on Trinity College examinations in Rock and Pop Vocals, while studying guitar, and performing for the school in various events. She was trained by a professional IVA vocal teacher who has helped her improve her skills in improvisation, breath control, belting and using her middle voice. While in Rome, she collaborated in the creation of a song anthem for Montesacro Roma Basketball Club. Amongst other music gigs, she also had the opportunity to sing at Piper Club in Rome, which was once Italy’s most famous music venue , hosting Nirvana, Genesis, Pink Floyd, David Bowie and many more.

After her experience in Rome, Kelly went back to performing at various events in Malta and also got involved in some studio work for other artists. In the meantime she started giving singing lessons and music exploration lessons to children.

In 2021 Kelly moved to Milan, Italy and started performing in pubs and weddings (Genres: pop, italian, rock n roll, soul, jazz). In 2022 she joined the band Monkey Riot in Milan, Italy and started writing lyrics and recording the Rock Metal album THE CIRCLE. Here she started exploring her rock screaming voice more than ever before and completely fell in love with the genre. She is just back from the USA, which has been a unique adventure to promote the album with guitarist Fabio Carraffa. Kelly currently travels between Malta and Milan frequently for the band, and is aiming to travel wherever the music takes her.



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