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Melchior Busuttil


Michela Aquilina

Melchior Busuttil born on 23rd August 1991 he comes from Pembroke. He is a Drummer/ Percussionist, Tutor and Producer/Studio Engineer.

Born and raised in Malta, He has been playing drums professionally since the age of 16, and is a highly respected musician and educator, known for seamlessly and creatively merging technical ability with musicality.

Melchior studied drums under the direction of the Maltese Percussionist Joe 'Bibi' Camilleri and also studied timpani, xylophone and other percussion instruments at the Malta School Of Music.

Apart from Drums and Percussions he also studies music theory and Orchestration under the direction of Annmarie Chircop and graduated with distinction and honours.

He is experienced in performing both live on stage, recording in the studio and on TV, with a diversity of artists in a broad range of styles.Not new to entertaining on big platforms, such as Muzika Muzika, Notte Bianca, Eurovision Song Contest, Ġensna, Beerfest/Winefest, Għanja tal Poplu, Kaxxaturi, Concerts with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, Teatru Unplugged, the annual Pantomime and other large scale events.

Melchior has taken his work, both as a player and tutor, across Europe to countries like Spain, United Kingdom, Germany, Italy, Romania, Greece, Poland, France, Belgium, and others as well as further around the globe to places like Mexico and the United Arab Emirates.

He has been part of the production of singles and albums with Saving Alexis, Cruz, Marc Galea, No Bling Show, Xarulu, Viper Soup Complex, Simon Sammut, Brass house unit, Chordust and other independent artists/bands that have hit the No.1 spot on Malta's most popular radio stations, and also won awards for his hard work at various local Music Awards.

Currently playing with some of Malta's biggest bands, like No Bling Show, Brass House Unit, Viper Soup Complex, Palace String Orchestra, Malta Concert Orchestra, Karin Duff and others, in some of the country’s biggest musicals and productions such as Ġensna, Abba Gold, Muzika Muzika, Cats, 1565, Sound of Music, Djamanti Muzikali, Addams Family, etc , and is also affiliated with major foreign drum companies as-well as other sponsors who support his musical endeavours.

Busuttil’s experience means that he is sought after not only as a player but also as a producer/studio engineer & educator.



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