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Miguel Ángel Sarmiento


Born in Colombia, Miguel's journey began in a household steeped in metal influences thanks to his father's passion for the genre. Even as a young child, his connection to metal was evident, with memories of mimicking Death songs like "Spirit Crusher" by the tender age of 4.

At 14, Miguel's move to Spain from Colombia didn't diminish his metal passion, nurtured by his father's influence. At 16, he explored guitar and bass, joined a couple of spanish underground bands, facing the challenge of no electric guitar, Miguel finds flamenco guitar one of his influences since he discovered the guitarist Paco de Lucia.

At 19, Miguel struck out independently, becoming a self-taught musician. With guitar and bass in hand, he embarked on a determined journey, honing his craft through dedication. Iceland became his stage for skill development, engaging in bands amidst fjord landscapes.

In summer 2020, Miguel's adventurous spirit led him to Malta after the quarantine lifted. There, he got to meet and collaborate with great musicians.

May 2023 marked a turning point, Miguel joined a jam session during the Nuts Motorcycle Club charity event in Birżebbuġa along with Steve Lombardo and Francesco from Sonic Storm that led to an invitation. Francesco was captivated by his bass playing and adaptability during the event, and two months later, an invitation to join Sonic Storm followed. However, the spot that awaited Miguel in Sonic Storm was as their guitarist. Enthusiastically accepting, he solidified his place through rehearsals, fulfilling a lifelong dream of being in a thrash metal band, influenced by his father.

Deep gratitude resonates within him, directed toward Francesco, Paul, and Karl for welcoming him into Sonic Storm. Thanks also go to Steve Lombardo, who introduced him to Francesco and Lilith Macabre from Luciferi Regnum who encouraged his participation in that fateful jam session at the Nuts Riders Club charity event in Birżebbuġa, the 2 catalyst for his incredible journey. On May 5th, 2024, at Rock The South, death metal band Halcyon unveiled Miguel as their second guitarist.



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