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Nick Morales

Guitars, Vocals

Nick Morales came kicking and screaming into this world on the 24th July 1981, andafter a while he realised that he had a nasty passion for music. Since he first picked upan instrument, he has played in numerous local outfits including Thera, Yellow Poppers, Try See Kill, Oblong, Lynch, Noetic, No Bling Show, Carrie Haber, Mikaela, MsLeads, Sempliciment Tat-Triq and Dripht amongst many others. Aside from organising Rock the South Malta festival, Nick Morales also recently became an official partner of the beloved and large scale Malta festival Earth Garden.

Nick's international exposure includes touring with local band Dripht in London in July 2006 and managing tours for Maltese bands in Copenhagen, Denmark, alongside Jesper Ejrup, a key contact from Denmark. His management efforts have facilitated tours for nosnow/noalps, Cable35, Carrie Haber, Twenty Six Other Worlds, Bletchley Park, Red Electrick, and For Strings Inn in various countries including Denmark, Scotland, Austria, Paris, London, Milan, and Italy.

Some notable achievements include:
  • Recording with Carrie Haber in London at Air Studios with Grammy Award-winning producer Steve Orchard in May 2010.
  • A European acoustic tour with nosnow/noalps in September 2011, funded by The Malta Arts Fund, covering Denmark, Paris, London, and Milan.
  • Supporting major bands like The Hives in Malta in September 2017 and Kaiser Chiefs in August 2018.
  • Initiating the Rock the City Malta festival in 2018 and Malta Takes London, a platform for Maltese artists to perform in London.

Nick also ventured into record production with the establishment of Kewn Records in early 2018, releasing Bila's single "Do What I Want" in collaboration with Canadian label Kingfisher Bluez.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Nick has directed, produced, filmed, and edited over 30 music videos under nosweat Productions. He remains actively involved in promoting concerts, traveling, and cooking, continuing to enrich the musical landscape in Malta and abroad.



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