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Nigel 'Noogie' Buttigieg

Vocals, Guitars

Nigel grew up around music. Following his dad and fellow band member, Charles Buttigieg around, during his rehearsals with his old bands, taking him to gigs and telling him stories of how Malta was rich in live music during the eighties, a scene which was dominated by rock, punk, metal and new romantics.

Listening to these stories Nigel strongly believes that he was born in the wrong era. And agrees that he really got into music when his dad put on Black Sabbath's 'Paranoid' on their old stereo. His father says that after his son heard that song, no one could stop him from singing. He was 10. Then he heard Iron Maiden's 'Number of the Beast' and at that time the thing that impressed him the most wasn't Bruce Dickinson's vocals, (which by the way he was, still is and will always will be the best vocalist that ever lived in his opinion) it was Maiden's musicianship and the chemistry together, and that's when he decided to start playing an instrument.

He started off by learning and playing the drums, but after 4 years Nigel realised, he wanted something more up front facing the crowds, so he switched to guitar and had been hooked ever since.



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