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Steve Lombardo


Steve is a drummer, wine lover, and soundman who has been an active member of the Maltese local music scene since the early 1990s. He has played with numerous bands of different genres over the years and is currently a member of several groups, including BNI, RAS, Sacro Sanctus, and The Rush Tribute Band.

Steve has a particular passion for live music, especially for "underground" bands that embrace a DIY approach. He believes that this type of music is where the real passion for music lies, as it is not influenced by external factors such as sponsors, contracts, or anyone telling the musicians what and how to play. Instead, the music is raw, authentic, and heart-felt, and Steve believes that this is how life should be lived.

As a drummer and soundman, Steve has a deep understanding of the technical and artistic aspects of music production. He values the emotional connection that live music creates between the musicians and the audience and has a strong appreciation for the creative freedom that comes with being a part of the local music scene.

Overall, Steve believes that music is a powerful expression of heart-felt passion and that the local music scene provides a unique opportunity to connect with other like-minded musicians and fans who share his love of music.



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