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Zain Gauci

Drums, Vocals, Guitars

Zain Gauci, born on October 7, 2005, discovered his fervent passion for music remarkably early in life. This innate enthusiasm propelled him to master a diverse array of instruments, starting with the acoustic, bass, and electric guitars. His musical journey swiftly expanded as he explored and experimented with various instruments, showcasing his versatility and dedication to his craft. This explorative phase in his musical career led him to a brief yet impactful tenure as the drummer for the local band Morsrot. His involvement was pivotal in the band's development, contributing significantly to the recording of their demo.

As Zain's musical prowess evolved, he found his niche as the guitarist and lead vocalist of Halcyon, a band that has quickly gained local acclaim for its unique sound and dynamic performances. His musical journey took another exciting turn when he played drums for the Symphonic Death/Black Metal band Chaotic Remains, further highlighting his adaptability and skill across different musical genres.

In October 2023, Zain embarked on a new chapter with Pilgrimage, stepping in as the second guitarist, a position previously held by Emanuel Portelli. This role allowed him to further refine his guitar skills and contribute to the band's evolving sound.

Zain's profound connection to music also led him to create Saint Vermin, a one-man black metal project that draws inspiration from the traditional black metal scene. His EP “Together As None,” released in January 2023 and produced in collaboration with Mark Azzopardi, showcases his deep understanding of the genre and his ability to create intense, immersive soundscapes. The success of this project paved the way for another collaboration with Azzopardi, resulting in the formation of Horned Majesty in 2023. This new venture signifies Zain's continuous growth as an artist and his relentless pursuit of musical excellence.

Through his various musical endeavors, Zain Gauci has established himself as a versatile and innovative musician, constantly pushing the boundaries of his artistry and leaving a significant mark on the local music scene.



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