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400ppm is a punk rock band from Malta. No strangers to the local punk scene, when the trio got together in early 2018, they immediately began song writing and hit the stage later that year.

The name of the band is a reference to the carbon dioxide levels in the atmosphere, measured in parts per million. It serves as an uncomfortable reminder that in recent years, the global concentration of CO2 has surpassed the 'safe' level and broken the 400ppm threshold, which is considered a point of no return.

They refuse to accept the direction in which the world is heading and even though the damage done might be irreversible, they are stating their objection and calling individuals in large numbers to join in and bear witness to the madness of the times we are living in. The band is driven by a strong social consciousness that is reflected in the lyrics that offer a social commentary on contemporary issues, where, despite the bleak times of ours, they still try to have a good time in the artificial paradise of their practice room or wherever they manage to create a temporary utopia.

400ppm launched a 7" vinyl at Rock the South in June 2019, containing the tracks 'David Buckel' on the A-side and 'Massakru tal-Jien' on the B-side.

In 2021, 400ppm released their full-length album 'Spirtu Pront' under Kewn Records, a 12-track punk rock album available digitally as well as on vinyl and cassette.

Band Members

Vocals, Guitars

Lasse Ullvén

Jean Pierre Debattista

Guitars, Vocals

Nick Morales



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