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Blind Saviour


Formed in 2013 and containing elements with years of experience in the Maltese metal scene, Blind Saviour can lay claim to be Malta's only fully fledged Power Metal band. Lightning fast double bass drum rhythms, twin-lead harmonies, catchy sing-a-long refrains and orchestral textures are all combined in an elegant and exciting blend. Powerful and varied vocals together with an overall judicious use of keyboards make Blind Saviour quite a unique sounding band within the female fronted metal scene.

Blind Saviour’s debut album entitled The Master Plan is a concept album containing 11 tracks, spanning over 65 minutes. The tracks follow a story line set in the post-apocalyptic future and feature characters and places in a post-apocalyptic setting created by the band itself. Here one finds many popular themes associated with this musical style: a clearly defined good vs evil plot and the inclusion of epic battles between surviving human clans and their robot oppressors. The hero and leading personality of this epic tale is Blind Saviour himself, a character who remains shrouded in mystery throughout the course of the saga. His quest is clear - to defeat his nemesis Lord Jackson Trukx and the Robot Rulers.

Blind Saviour has played a number of metal festivals and gigs at various venues on the Maltese Islands. In 2016, the band ventured out on its first ever mini tour of the UK, playing at 3 venues in Norwich, Hastings and London where it took the opportunity to promote the launch of The Master Plan.

In October 2017 Blind Saviour released its new single, Father of the Wolf, a cover version and power metal interpretation of the original track by the Swedish melodic death metal band Amon Amarth. In 2018 the band was invited to Ivrea, Italy to take part in the Metal Queen’s Burning Night Festival, a festival promoting female-fronted bands.

Since 2019 the band has been on an indefinite hiatus. However, there are plans to release new material in the near future.

Band Members


Aldo Chircop


Robert Friggieri


Ryan Sant


Rachel Grech

Guitar, Bass

Karl Friggieri



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