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Chasing Pandora

Matt Hush

In May of 2007, Chasing Pandora unveiled their inaugural album, “Mocking the Mocking Bird,” which garnered significant local raise. Later that year, in December, the band clinched three Malta Music Awards, further solidifying their acclaim.

In April 2008, Chasing Pandora presented the EP "Two," notably featuring the popular track "Memories," which earned a nomination for "Best Song" at the Malta Music Awards. Throughout 2008, the band graced various stages in Malta and London. Come November, they introduced their second EP, “Wide Eyed Beautiful.” The launch of their second full album, “The Driver and the Dancer,” in June 2009, was followed by a series of vibrant gigs in London, with positive reviews flowing in from esteemed sources like "The Fly," "Acoustic Music Magazine," and "Rock N Reel."

The end of 2009 witnessed the release of Chasing Pandora's inaugural single in the UK, "Running in Circles," subsequently featured on BBC Radio 2 and contributing to another round of gigs in London. This triumph paved the way for the UK release of "The Driver and the Dancer" in 2010, where it was met with an enthusiastic reception at the RoundHouse Music Room, playing to a packed audience.

This album also earned a commendable review in The Independent newspaper and was performed live as part of the Janice Long BBC Radio show. Following the launch of their fourth EP, “People,” Chasing Pandora earned an invitation to perform at the North by North-East Festival in Toronto, an honor bestowed upon them from a pool of 600,000 applicants, making them one of 6,000 bands to grace the event.

Chasing Pandora continued to play for audiences in Malta throughout 2010 and 2011, until the duo decided to part ways in October 2011

Band Members


Melissa Portelli


Ismael Azzopardi


Keith Anthony



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