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Chellcy Reitsma Band

Federico Peltretti

“if any artist has the capacity to inspire change, it’s Chellcy Reitsma." - A&R

FactoryChellcy Reitsma is new to the music scene but not to the stage; a true artist in eavery capacity. Based in Malta the Dutch-American former dancer-choreographer originally from California, USA; began her musical journey in 2015 after a multitude of dance injuries forced her to find a new passion.

Since her first single release in 2016, she is now a full-time singer-songwriter, visual artist and poet. 11 single releases, a 4 track EP, 7 music videos and 4 poem videos later, she has developed her own unique fusion style with a retro edge that blends and blurs the lines between a myriad of genres from blues and Alt-rock to Rockabilly and Americana seamlessly.

As a visual artist she graduated from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL in 2004 and has had numerous exhibitions since. Her 2020 project 'Desolate Days' hit the Top 20 Music Video Charts in Malta, combines both her music and visual art practices in her first stop motion animation lyric video drawn in charcoal and digital art. 'Desolate Days' is part of the InnovAiR: Artist at Home program for the Valletta Cultural Agency.

As well, her 2022 single and music video also hit the Top 20 Music Video Charts in Malta.“‘Desolate Days’ is a swooning sonic endeavor that benefits from our lead Chanteuse's incredible warm tonality and unperturbed expression as she chaperones us from scintillatingly smooth stanza to galloping melodic motif.” - BUZZ Music LA

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