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Currant Daze

Currant Daze

Currant Daze is an electrifying musical duo hailing from the vibrant shores of Malta, consisting of Braden Sultana lending his soulful vocals and Bernard-James Vella wielding his masterful guitar skills. With a fusion of commercial, experimental, and indie rock influences, they embark on a musical journey with the intent to shed light on current society, while contrasting subsequent generations.

This project between two local artists has been in the works from 2018 and they are finally ready to share their beautiful creations with the world.

Their artistic endeavour began with the release of two captivating covers on YouTube, showcasing their unique take on popular tunes. However, it was on March 26th, 2024, that they marked their footprint in the industry with the launch of their debut original single, Out of Outlaws - captivating audiences with its raw authenticity and infectious energy.

Currant Daze doesn't just aim to entertain; they aspire to inspire, conveying an inspiring message while challenging the status quo, having you explore life's mysteries and inviting you to ponder on those simpler times while anticipating the opportunities that might yet come. Through their music, they strive to convey messages of hope and motivation to the masses, igniting a sense of resilience and positivity in their listeners. Their lyrics resonate with themes of perseverance and empowerment with the ideal balance of piercing into the issue while enjoying the musical experience serving as a beacon of light in tumultuous times.

Band Members


Braden Sultana


Bernard-James Vella



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