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HEMPLIFIER is a Stoner/Doom band consisting of Emanuel Portelli (Thy Legion, Victims of Creation, Pilgrimage, Animamortua), Bażaż (Lady Lizard, R.A.S.) & Dino Mifsud Lepre (Victims of Creation, Pilgrimage) – HEMPLIFIER ‘joint’ in 2019.

All 3 members have experience & have been playing in other bands before, whilst also still active presently in other bands apart from HEMPLIFIER, with some of them have been in the scene from the ‘90s.

The trio’s target was to jam, get high, compose the heaviest riffs possible, have a good time & send seismic waves to the planet while aboard their spacecraft!

HEMPLIFIER worship Amps & Vintage Gear!

The band’s lyrical themes are that of sci-fi, aliens, the supernatural, occult, voodoo, weed, giants & a touch of local folklore & myth. They are also the organizers of the only Stoner fest on the island which goes by the name of Reeferfest!

The band’s debut gig was at the aforementioned Reeferfest on the 3rd of December 2021 & it was a total success! Both the festival itself & the set they played got an amazing feedback! Before their debut gig, HEMPLIFIER released 3 songs they had recorded & filmed live in their own garage in August 2021 which they named ‘Frequencies from Another Dimension – Live from Our Rehearsal Spacecraft!’ and which they also got an incredible response for. This was filmed by Nicholas Bonello from Bonello Media & was released on the 4th of November 2021 on the band’s own YouTube channel. 

HEMPLIFIER ‘s debut album ‘The Stoner Side of the Doom’ was recorded live during September 2021 at the local Cornerhouse Studios. Recording, mixing & mastering was done by Daniel Bezzina. The album consists of 6 tracks (4 songs + intro & outro) from which 1 track, with the name of ‘Weedcraft’, they have already released as a single on the same YouTube channel of theirs on the 17th of November. ‘Weedcraft’ got also a very good response & was shared by many others such as the renowned 666MrDoom with which they reached almost 1.5K views!

The band recently sealed a deal with renowned Italian label Electric Valley Records to release their debut album ‘The Stoner Side of the Doom’. Which should be released on the 2nd of June 2023 & will be available in: 
250x Black Vinyl
220x Yellow Smoke Vinyl
30x Ultra LTD "Hemp Edition"

Meanwhile… the band has been booked for several shows & festivals already in 2023, some of which also outside the isle, including a mini-tour which is yet tba. 
Some of the dates officially announced already are those of Tolminator festival, happening in Tolmin Slovenia, on the same grounds where Metal Days festival used to occur + locally at Rock the South 2023.

Other gigs HEMPLIFIER played:
2022 - Haunting the Theatre, Rock the South & Nebular Festival
2023 - supporting Oblique Visions on the launch of their 2nd album ‘Out of Darkness’

Band Members


Dino Mifsud Lepre


Justin Baz Zaz Borg


Emanuel Portelli



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