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Chasing Pandora press release & invite

TEATIME - Chasing Pandora’s BRAND NEW single

Release date : 13th May, 2024

Photo by Matt Hush Melissa Portelli (lead vocals & writer) Keith Anthony (vocals, guitar/writer/producer)

One day you think you need a break from the intensity of writing and focus on other things, the next thing you know it’s 14 years later and you find yourself turning 40 and the creative spark has been nagging you for a while. You realise that it is the only thing that sets you apart from every other milestone you have reached so far.

Photo by Sara Milesz Melissa Portelli (lead vocals & writer) Keith Anthony (vocals, guitar/writer/producer)

‘Teatime’ is Chasing Pandora’s comeback single in 14 years since their last release in 2010. Drawn upon the obligations of daily life, adulthood experiences whilst facing the mundane and daily grind. The song is a journal entry that enhances the fact that there are moments where you feel you become only part of this existence and so you feel this is the time to really take a good look at yourself and question if this is how you want to be in this short but fast-paced life.

‘Teatime’ is a song about self-reflection & how one finds themselves navigating life and its challenges all with the introspection that comes with age. Life really happens when you are busy making other plans.

Ismael Azzopardi (writer/keyboards) Video director and editor for ‘Teatime’

Chasing Pandora welcome writer Ismael Azzopardi who has performed with them since their concept in 2006. Keith Anthony is the producer, recording engineer, writer & also vocalist on their new album. Melissa Portelli is the lead vocalist and writer.

Whilst the songwriters hailing from Gozo have come a long way from their 1st release in 2006, where they had the successful single ‘Feel the Rain’ and later released the popular and timeless ‘Memories’, Chasing Pandora haven’t strayed much further from their original sound, where previously they were mentored, produced and managed by Steve Brown who also produced and managed Elton John for 20 years. The poignancy of the lyrics and melodies that rise and fall upon the rich and warm tones of the acoustic guitar and intimacy of the notes of the piano is what really emanates with this new single.

Chasing Pandora is all about the storytelling, whilst weaving intricate melodies with the instruments to create a sound that is true to them.

Photo by Matt Hush Melissa Portelli (lead vocals & writer) Keith Anthony (vocals, guitar/writer/producer)


This Thursday 9th of May, join us for an exclusive music video premiere of our 1st single 'Teatime' off our upcoming 3rd album, followed by a live performance at Zeppi's pub in Qala at 9pm

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Photo by Matthew Spiteri Ismael Azzopardi (Keyboards/Writer) Video Director on ‘Teatime’

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