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A few weeks ago, you opened the newspaper. "Barbering is now the fastest growing industry in Malta", it read. A simple enough statistic, you thought, until you began noticing hybrid barbershops/tattoo parlours popping up everywhere. Your village grocer? Barbershop. Your old school? Barbershop. The nursing home where they put your grandma? Barbershop. Every day is beginning to feel like a close shave. If you're looking for answers, you might find them in ‘Barbershop Orchestra’, a punkier and swingier track off DALAM's debut EP HEADLINES. DALAM delve deep into this hairy situation, searching for motives, identifying the culprit behind it all, and pondering who can save us from this wicked industry trend.

Available for pre-order now: DALAM’s debut EP ‘HEADLINES’ on limited edition cassette

  1. Garden Gnome

  2. Barbershop Orchestra

  3. l-Assedju Kemxejn Medjokri Ta’ Malta

  4. DALAM

DALAM is the backing band to Malta’s construction noise. ‘HEADLINES’ ,the band’s debut EP, is out now exclusively via Kewn Records and is an introduction to DALAM’s frantic, brash, and sardonic sound. ‘HEADLINES’ marks the first phase of what DALAM set out to achieve when they formed in 2020—write compelling tracks steeped in sludgy noise rock, early metalcore, post-hardcore, and various other kinds of filthy music. On an island where everything seems far-fetched, DALAM pushes things one step further. The four tracks on ‘HEADLINES’ feature stories that would make the news in a parallel world where Malta is just slightly more bizarre. ‘HEADLINES’ was engineered, mixed, and mastered by Steve Lombardo at Hell Next Door Studios.

Copyright (C) 2023 Kewn Records. All rights reserved.

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