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Damaged & Co. 4 Israel / Mur.Doc 104 on Fistful Of Thrash Vol​.​2 /Purple Haze remember Steve Borg

Damaged & Co. Announces First-Ever Tour in Captivating Israel

“We are absolutely thrilled to share with you our most exciting news to date: the announcement of our very first band tour in the captivating land of Israel!” announced Damaged & Co. on their Facebook page on Monday 10th July. And while apologizing for thier recent social media silence, they explained it was because they have been diligently working behind the scenes, meticulously planning and organizing this remarkable mini-tour, as well as other surprises that the band shall be revealing soon 😉.

The tour is planned as follows:

On the 5th of October, Damaged & Co. shall be gracing the enchanting city of Haifa, performing at the renowned Wunderbar. Followed by another live performance on the 8th of October, when they’ll be taking the stage at סטודיו המפלט - HaMiflat Studio in the vibrant and bustling city of Tel Aviv. Finally, on the 10th of October, the band shall be making their way to the historical and spiritually captivating city of Jerusalem. At the prestigious Blaze Rock Bar.

From the vibrant streets of Tel Aviv to the underground dens of Haifa and the ancient wonders of Jerusalem, the band is ready to soak in the infectious energy of the crowd and embrace the richness of Israel's diverse cultural tapestry. The combination of their music, the electric atmosphere, and the beauty of these cities is sure to create an extraordinary experience for all.

The band ended their message, “We'll be providing exclusive behind-the-scenes sneak peeks and sharing ticket information with you. We can't wait to embark on this incredible journey together and create memories that will last a lifetime. Let the music and magic of Israel ignite our souls and unite us all in an unforgettable celebration of art and culture”. 🎶✨

Fistful of Thrash Vol. 2: Murdoc.104 Featured in Massive New Wave Thrash Compilation

7th July marks the release of Fistful of Thrash Vol.2 compilation on The Hills Are Dead Records , a MASSIVE compilation of some of the most interesting up and coming new wave thrash bands around the world, and locals Murdoc.104 have been included in it.

Murdoc.104’s song on the compilation is their eponymous song taken from their debut EP ‘The Undying’

This double album can be downloaded for free from Bandcamp and can also be obtained in both double cassette and double CD format, both in limited number.

Remembering Steve Borg: A Tribute to a Founder, Friend, and Dad with "No Surrender"

A short post on social media Axel Borg (son of late Steve Borg) wrote: " Today would have been your 54th Birthday!

A thought that is always right there, in everything that I do.. What would we be doing if you were still here with us? What would you say to us? How would life be with you around? Of course .. brilliantly Rock N Roll.

That’s why we take every opportunity to cherish all the loving, funny moments we had together. Being yourself, you managed to earn a huge amount of respect from a LOT of people. Being it friends, family, music buddies, and the list goes on, luckily most of them are still in our circle. For your 54th the lads made sure that we give you another deserving Salute, coming from a lesson that you gave us a couple of years ago .. No Surrender! You always kept going no matter what, you kept your spirits high until the last beat.

That’s why us, as Purple Haze, we are releasing our latest writing dedicated to our Founder, Friend, and Dad ..

We would also like to dedicate this song to Ivan Tabone's father who sadly pass away today.

‘’No Surrender’’ video can be viewed here

A Huge thank you goes to David Cassar Torreggiani Daryl Ebejer Bagigu Philip Ivan Tabone SPINESPLITTER STUDIO You made this possible once again x".


David Cassar Torreggiani - guitars

Daryl Ebejer - vocals

Philip 'Bagigu' Camilleri - bass

Ivan Tabone - keyboards

Axel Borg - drums

Recorded at Spinesplitter Studio by David Depasquale

Condolences from all at to Ivan Tabone and family

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