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Damaged & Co.'s New Drummer, Battle of the Bands Lineup, Tribali's New Album, and Bayzo Memorial

Damaged & Co. Unveils New Drummer Over the Weekend

photo: Matthew Mercieca

During last weekend, the renowned band Damaged & Co. announced their new drummer, Ismael Bonello. This revelation followed an extensive audition process where Bonello's preparation, determination, and enthusiasm stood out, making him a natural fit for the band.

Bonello's addition to Damaged & Co. marks an exciting chapter for the group. His impressive performance during the auditions left a lasting impression on the band members, solidifying his place in the Damaged & Co. family.

In addition to this major announcement, the band also completed filming the remaining scenes of their music video, which had been in progress since last year. The shoot, which took place on May 20, was long-awaited but, according to previews, promises to be well worth the delay. The band expressed their pleasure in collaborating with Matthew Mercieca for this project.

Fans of Damaged & Co. eagerly anticipate the release of the music video and look forward to seeing Ismael Bonello in action as the new drummer.

Crowned Events - Battle of the Bands Participants Introduced

With the participants for Crowned Events - Battle of the Bands now introduced, anticipation is building for their performances. The organizers expressed their gratitude for the incredible support and response from the community, emphasizing the importance of supporting local talent. The event will take place at The Garage in Żebbuġ on July 5th and 6th, and attendees are eagerly encouraged to show up and cheer for these emerging bands.

Special thanks were extended to the sponsors: Farsons Blue Label, SpineSplitter Studio, and Kewn Records, for their essential contributions. The bands competing in this year's event include Notion, No Humano, Sacroment, Captain Romance and the Danger Dogs, SouthernScum, and From Sheep To Wolves.

This event is a highly anticipated battle of the bands competition set to occur over two days. On the first day, July 5th, each of the six selected bands will perform a 15-minute set. The top three bands, based on points, will move on to the second day, July 6th, where they will perform 25-minute sets. The band with the highest score at the end of the second day will be crowned the winner.

Judging criteria for the event include originality, musical tightness, stage performance, and crowd interaction/reaction. Additionally, each paying attendee will receive one vote upon entry, which they can cast until the end of the first night. The band with the most audience votes will receive bonus points added to their final score.

The winning band will receive a prize that includes a studio recording session at SpineSplitter Studio, distribution and promotion of the recorded material by Kewn Records, and a spot to perform at the Farsons Beer Festival 2024. The final trailer for the event has been released, heightening excitement for what promises to be a thrilling showcase of local music talent.

Tribali Announces Release of New Album 'ALKA' and Upcoming Performances

On May 17th, the band Tribali announced the release of their new album, 'ALKA.' This marks the fifth release from the unique six-piece band hailing from the Maltese Islands. Tribali, known for their organic blend of world fusion instruments and sounds, continues to captivate audiences with their innovative music.

Fans are eagerly anticipating Tribali's live performance at the Earth Garden Festival on Friday, June 7th. The band will showcase new tracks from 'ALKA' alongside their classic hits, promising an unforgettable night for attendees. Additionally, the new album will be available for purchase at the festival, with sales starting through their website's online shop on the same day.

In further exciting news, Tribali announced their upcoming performance at the Dakini Festival in Romania next July. This appearance adds to their impressive list of international performances and highlights their growing influence in the world music scene.

Formed 20 years ago by Antoine and Peter Paul, Tribali has carved out a distinct niche with their eclectic sound. The release of 'ALKA' and their upcoming performances are set to further solidify their reputation as pioneers of world fusion music. Fans and newcomers alike can look forward to experiencing the unique and dynamic energy that Tribali brings to every performance.

St. Paul's Bay Local Council Honours Late Singer Anthony "Bayzo" Camilleri

On Tuesday evening, May 28th, the St. Paul’s Bay Local Council held a memorial to honour the late singer Anthony Camilleri, affectionately known as Bayzo. This tribute celebrated his remarkable talent and majestic voice, which left an indelible mark on Maltese music.

During the ceremony, St. Paul’s Bay Mayor Alfred Grima expressed his gratitude to Bayzo’s family, fellow singers, and everyone who attended. In his speech, he acknowledged the significance of Bayzo’s contributions to the local music scene and the community's shared loss.

The memorial featured the unveiling of a bust of Bayzo, masterfully crafted by the talented sculptor Indri Attard. This lasting tribute stands as a testament to Bayzo’s enduring legacy.

Ian J. Vella, a member of the music group CODA, reflected on the event in a heartfelt Facebook post. "It was a privilege to take part in the unveiling of the commemorative bust of the late legendary Tony Camilleri, also known as il Bayzo," he wrote. "I had the honour of performing together for some time." CODA had the opportunity to perform their latest cover of "Qalu li Raw," a song originally sung by Bayzo during the ceremony. Vella also stated: "We are grateful to everyone involved in this wonderful event, including the St. Paul's local council and the family who entrusted us to perform this gem of a song. May his soul rest in peace. The legend will always be remembered in our hearts, including his music forever."

The event was a fitting homage to Bayzo, ensuring that his contributions to Maltese music and his memory will continue to inspire future generations.

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