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Damaged & Co. Signs with Wormholedeath Records, Aidan Somers Updates on Rehearsal Space Saga, and Eyes to Argus Announces New Album 'Reroot'

Damaged & Co. Signs with Wormholedeath Records, Announces Re-Release of Debut Album

Damaged & Co. is excited to announce their signing with the renowned Wormholedeath Records label. The band will be re-releasing their critically acclaimed debut album, "Life's Grand Delusion," on July 19th, 2024. This re-release will feature three exclusive bonus tracks, adding even more depth to the original work.

Wormholedeath Records, equally enthusiastic about the new partnership, shared: “We’re thrilled to announce that Damaged & Co. has joined forces with Wormholedeath! Their debut album, "Life's Grand Delusion," drops on July 19th, 2024, with 3 exclusive bonus tracks! Featuring eleven tracks of metalcore, symphonic, and alternative metal, this album is a masterpiece of four years' work. Each song is a unique gem!”

To give fans a taste of what to expect, the band has released the official music video for their track "Truth," available here.

Prepare for an epic sonic journey as Damaged & Co. takes you on a ride you won't forget!

Wormholedeath is a multi-faceted record label, publishing, and film production company established a decade ago. Distributed worldwide by Aural Music Group and with its publishing division administered by Warner/Chappell Music Holland BV, Wormholedeath has a global reach, further extended through digital distribution and marketing managed by The Orchard Inc., part of Sony Music.

With over 150 critically acclaimed releases, Wormholedeath has signed a variety of notable bands, including The Way Of Purity, Phaze I (featuring Soilwork drummer), and has discovered successful newcomers like Mechanical God Creation, Crysalys, Dark Oath, Shadowdream, Right To The Void, Azylya, Dunkelnacht, and Lightless Moor, among others.

In 2010, Wormholedeath produced "A Passage Through the Purity of Pain," a film by fetish queen Susi Medusa Gottardi. The label's publishing roster includes artists such as Cadaveria, Ashes To Ashes, and Stamina. Moreover, Wormholedeath has signed Japanese legends Youthquake (featuring members of X-Japan) and secured important deals with Japanese labels such as Shinko Music Group, Rubicon Music, and Media Factory. This led to the opening of a Wormholedeath office in Tokyo, managed by Masahiko Kishimoto.

In 2015, Wormholedeath expanded to Norway, collaborating with Thomas Hansen, guitarist of cult black metal band Ragnarok, to open a Nordic office in Fredrikstad.

Wormholedeath is the owner of OPERA CORE, which pioneered the “Opera Core” sound imprint. The label also collaborates with Overdub Recordings and Dreamcell11 for non-metal and Gothic/Wave/EBM releases, respectively. Additionally, Wormholedeath co-released Guardians Of Time's new album with Serbian label Grom Records.

Focusing mainly on Modern Metal, Hardcore, Mainstream/Alternative Metal, and Heavy Rock, Wormholedeath continues to be a major player in the music industry.

Join Damaged & Co. and Wormholedeath as they embark on this exciting new chapter, delivering unparalleled metal music to fans worldwide.

Ongoing Rehearsal Space Saga in Birkirkara: Aidan Somers Provides Update

Amidst the ongoing saga surrounding the availability of rehearsal spaces in Birkirkara, Aidan Somers has provided an update via his social media pages, shedding light on the efforts being made to resolve this pressing issue.

Somers stated, “We have been in discussion with government representatives and have put forward a proposal in aid of supporting this issue of creative spaces. We are not at liberty to discuss who specifically at this stage, though we are hopeful after having several meetings this week from both the public and private sectors.”

The statement emphasizes the importance of community involvement in driving change. Somers urged, “As a community, we need to keep pushing in order to make our voices heard and address the current situation. With enough members demanding change, we can provide solutions to the issues that have affected our industry for over a decade.”

To bolster the campaign, Somers outlined several ways the public can contribute:

  • Share the Cause: Inform those affected by the shortage of creative spaces.

  • Engage Organizations: Encourage organizations interested in joining a creative hub to participate.

  • Submit Testimonials: Send a 1-minute video testimonial explaining your need for creative space.

  • Offer Skills: Contribute creative skills to the campaign to aid in spreading the message.

  • Donate: Support the fundraiser through the provided Indiegogo link: Indiegogo Fundraiser.

As an incentive, all early contributors will be automatically entered into a waiting list of 100 members, granting them priority access to the new spaces starting in September.

This initiative represents a significant step forward in addressing the long-standing issue of limited rehearsal and creative spaces in Birkirkara. The community's active participation is seen as vital to ensuring that sustainable solutions are implemented, securing the future of creative endeavors in the area.

For more updates and to contribute to the cause, follow Aidan Somers on social media and stay tuned for further announcements.

Eyes to Argus Releases New Single "Bloodstream Waterfall Cannonball" and Announces Upcoming Album "Reroot"

Eyes to Argus has thrilled fans with the release of their latest single, "Bloodstream Waterfall Cannonball," now live on WherePostRockDwells. The band shared this exciting news on their social media pages, inviting listeners to experience the new track through the following link:

“This is the first track on our upcoming album Reroot, and if you’ve heard us play live over the past couple of years, we guarantee you already know this one. We couldn’t have imagined anything else as the first single,” the band posted. The visualizer for the single, created by Samwel Mallia with photographic elements by Elisa Von Brockdorff and analog textures by, adds a unique artistic touch to the release.

"Bloodstream Waterfall Cannonball" is available on all streaming platforms via POST. RECORDINGS since Friday 7th June, coinciding with the launch of vinyl pre-orders for "Reroot."

In a subsequent post, Eyes to Argus announced: “REROOT PRE-ORDER + SINGLE ON STREAMING. Our album Reroot will be out on July 19 via POST. RECORDINGS. There are limited copies of Reroot available on vinyl, and you can pre-order yours now from the links below:

The band recorded "Reroot" in December 2023 at Temple Studios. They expressed their excitement, stating, “We’re so happy with this album – it’s a true representation of where we are in our lives now. Reroot is about the trajectory of entering a new decade and getting used to the way it feels. It’s about moving into the next phase of your life with newfound energy and drive, all the while grappling with inevitable fatigue and burnout along the way.”

Fans can now stream "Bloodstream Waterfall Cannonball" on all platforms and get it for free when pre-ordering the album on Bandcamp.

Stay tuned for more updates from Eyes to Argus as they approach the release of "Reroot" on July 19th. This highly anticipated album promises to capture the band's evolving sound and emotional journey.

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