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Damaged & Co. tour cancelled / Guitarist leaves Pilgrimage / New stuff!

Damaged & Co. tour cancelled by war

The weekend between the 6th and 8th of October were three days of surprises, bewilderment, and shock for many….

Nomad Son played a breathtaking show in Germany, while Angelcrypt were awing the crowds in Georgia and Damaged & Co. played for the first time in Israel, Haifa to be exact, the first date of three in this middle east country. Here in Malta the weekend was spent mainly at The Garage for the return of the Malta Deathfest which commenced on Friday.

As Saturday morning dawned, the Maltese metalhead community expected a typical day. Some were recovering from the first day of the Deathfest, nursing hangovers, while others were resting their necks and feet in preparation for the moshpit later that day during the festival's second day. However, the day took an unexpected turn when many including myself received news that Israel had come under attack. Initially, I assumed it might be another routine incident that would soon pass, as had happened in the past. Nevertheless, as the news continued to pour in, it became apparent that this was evolving into a full-scale war.

Our immediate concern was for Damaged & Co., who might have found themselves in the midst of this turmoil. I reached out to Keith Muscat, the band's keyboardist, and fellow correspondent for Melodija, to inquire about their safety.

While I could recount the information he shared during those early moments of the conflict, which has now entered its fourth day as I write this paragraph, or the subsequent communications we had during these days, there is no better source to narrate the band's firsthand experiences than the band itself, who is now safe back at home. The band payed a visit to Noel Mifsud on Rock Moods and their chat shall be aried this Thursday 8.30pm on ONE 92.7 and Melodija Radio & Podcasts page.

Guitarist Emanuel Portelli leaves Pilgrimage

Pilgrimage at Metal Gates 2023 - photo Stefan Lupescu

Guitarist Emanuel Portelli has left Pilgrimage after replacing Darryl Portelli nearly twelve months ago. This was expressed in a band's statement on their Facebook page on Thursday 12th October. The statement read: 'We have been honoured to spend 2023 in the good company of Emanuel Portelli! We have known for some time now of his decision to part ways after the last shows this year & focus on his other projects. It has been a great run, having played together in three countries including our first in Turkey, & alongside iconic bands such as Therion & Katatonia among many others. Nothing but cheer, praise & good vibes were had! We wish him well in his musical journeys & somehow know that our paths will cross so often. Forever a pilgrim of doom! So, please join us in celebrating this time we’ve had together.

Total respect bro! 🤘

Meanwhile, Pilgrimage has secured a talented new guitarist who knows all the parts already & will be playing the shows being booked starting 2024. We’ll announce him next week.'

New audio and video

Anthony Bartolo (il Gigu) & Paul Giordimaina launched an album they recorded together on all leading music platforms on Sunday 16th October. "Its been a long time dream between two long time friends to record some favorite standards together" expressed Paul who also thanked all those involved in making this dream come true in particular Andrew Zammit of Tone Studios for plenty of jazzy patience!!!!.

Sleeve art work was done by Anthony Bartolo.

Spotify link here

On Saturday 14th October Maltese/Slovenian band Decline The Fall presented 'Shadows' the third single from their upcoming album, 'Perspectives.'

In a short statement on their Facebook page the band stated," This particular track is a tribute to our homeland, Malta, where towering walls cast shadows, leaving the majority of us in the dark.

'Shadows' serves as a symbol of the prevalence of greed our island has now become associated with". A video accompanying the song can be viewed on the band's Youtube Channel.

In the meantime Decline The Fall shall launch the album on 4th November at The Garage promising a night to remember with From Sheep To Wolves and British band Broken Calling included in the line up.

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