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Delirium re-brand / Angelcrypt release new single / Thrashacre music goes online

  • In a short statement on the band's fb page Delirium announced on Friday 10th March a small change, re-branding of the name:

"After recruiting 2 new members, we decided it was time for a little re-brand...

And so without any further ado *drum roll* we present Delirium's official new logo and name: "Delirium MT"

We chose this name because we think it better represents us and our origins!

Special thanks to David Cauchi for the awesome design


  • Thrashacre have announced that as from the 8th day of March their debut EP 'Live & Let Thrash' (released October 19th, 2021), is online for listening on YouTube with more platforms to be added in the near future.

'Live & Let Thrash' can be listened here:

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