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Dolls For Idols Re-Release ‘Cut, Paste, Rave N’ Roll’ on Kewn Records

Dolls for Idols emerged onto Malta's music scene in 2009, a product of the creative minds of Clint Spiteri, Erick Saliba, and Aaron Sammut. With a distinctive blend of electronic synths and punk-infused hooks, the trio quickly garnered attention for their infectious energy and captivating performances. Their breakthrough came with the release of their debut album, "Cut, Paste & Rave'n'Roll," in 2011. Produced by David Vella at Temple Studio, this album marked a significant milestone for the band, propelling them onto the European stage.

The album's success saw Dolls for Idols embarking on a tour across Europe, with notable gigs in the Czech Republic, Belgium, France, England, and Scotland. Sharing the spotlight with illustrious acts like The Hives, Django Django, and Agoria at the prestigious Europa Vox festival further solidified their presence in the international music scene.

"Cut, Paste & Rave'n'Roll" was lauded for its seamless blending of indie, electronic, and punk elements. Each track on the album offers listeners a unique sonic journey, from intricate melodies to infectious beats, showcasing Dolls for Idols' versatility and musical prowess. Kewn Records are proud to announce it's finally coming to digital streaming services today!

With their unique sound and undeniable stage presence, after a decade long hiatus Dolls for Idols are set to once again captivate audiences worldwide, continuing to push the boundaries of electronic punk music. Catch them on the 4th of May at the 11th edition of Rock The South Festival!

KEWN Records

1. Yeah You

2. Rave 'N' Roll

3. Run

4. Tik Tok

5. Faking Love

6. Don't Look Back

7. In Modern Times

8. When I Walk

9. Heroes Nowadays

10. Tonight

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