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Drummers, Marriages & Other Stories!

The drummer of Divine Sinners ties the knot.

The Melodija team extends heartfelt congratulations to Paul Saviour Spiteri, the drummer of Gozitan band Divine Sinners, and his longtime partner Matilde, on their marriage last Saturday, April 27th, in Xaghra, Gozo. The celebration was further enlivened by an impromptu performance from Paul Saviour, his bandmates and a couple of guest singers, much to the joy of all attendees. Additionally, it has been revealed that Divine Sinners are currently in the studio working on their forthcoming album, slated for release later this year.

Valeriana: A Musical Journey from Past to Present

Valeriana – The Titan’s Rock that started being written by the late Gozitan composer Joseph Vella, Maestro Vella did not manage to finish this work, as he passed away when he was about half-way through. The opera was concluded by Maestro Christopher Muscat, a former student of Maestro Vella, and will be performed or the first time at the Astra Theatre.

It was intended to be his biggest ever work; unfortunately, he had only completed an abridged version up to half-way stage. The first two acts are the work of Maestro Vella, and the last two acts are my work. It is a great honour for me to continue a work by Professor Vella, and when I was preparing the orchestration, memories of his lessons came to mind. It was very emotional for me to be able to continue with this work.

Christopher Muscat – Director and composer of Valeriana

Valeriana is the story of Rosario, a Maltese fisherman who, after marrying a local girl, ends up on the tiny Italian island of Valeriana during World War II, an island then under the control of a fascist leader named Cirillo.

This is a brand new piece in English set in 1943 on an Italian island right in the heart of World War II under Mussolini’s reign…..its historically very interesting as it resonates with the Maltese, that particular period the 40s was such a difficult time. The cast is amazing, a mixture of local and foreign artists who are just exceptional and taking it to new levels.

Denise Mulholland

The opera is a production of Festivals Malta, and will be presented at the Astra Theatre on 4 May, with the participation of the National Orchestra under the baton of Maestro Muscat.

Chaotic Remains Welcomes Drummer Keiston Busuttil!

In a recent announcement on their social network pages, Chaotic Remains eagerly introduced their newest member, drummer Keiston Busuttil. With a familiar presence in the Maltese metal scene, Keiston's arrival is met with excitement and anticipation. Demonstrating unwavering commitment to music, he has dedicated himself tirelessly in recent months. Fans are encouraged to stay tuned to the band's Facebook and Instagram pages for forthcoming updates on upcoming shows and new material. There, they'll have the opportunity to witness Keiston's talent in action firsthand.

Prayer Of The Dying: New Logo and Upcoming Release

Martin Ciapara, the mastermind behind the revived one-man band Prayer Of The Dying, recently unveiled the project's new logo on April 9th. Additionally, he recently announced that the upcoming release, which has been in progress since January, is nearing completion. Titled 'Falling,' the track features vocals by Simon Deguara and is both produced and mixed by Deguara himself.

In 2006, Martin initiated this project and swiftly followed with his debut album, "Structures of a Dying Matter," released in April 2007. Since then, he has launched four additional full-length albums and six splits, in addition to various demos and EPs. His most recent release, "Banished from Death," came out on May 13th, 2017.

Owen Leuellen Continues Momentum with Release of Latest Track 'Can't Be Stopped'

Owen Leuellen, the dynamic and versatile artist, reaffirms his creative dynamics with the launch of his newest track 'Can't Be Stopped,' following the success of his recent album 'Out Of Darkness.'

While 'Can't Be Stopped' may not boast the same commercial appeal as previous hits like 'Flavour' and 'Juice,' it shines a spotlight on Leuellen's unparalleled storytelling prowess and the authentic emotion woven into his delivery. Leuellen emphasizes the importance of maintaining a balance between commercial and less mainstream tracks, a strategy he believes resonates deeply with his dedicated fan base, keeping his artistry genuine and relatable.

Shot during his time in Los Angeles last year, the accompanying music video adds another layer of depth to Leuellen's compelling storytelling.

As Owen Leuellen continues to push creative boundaries, 'Can't Be Stopped' serves as a testament to his unwavering dedication to authentic expression and artistic integrity.

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