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Lord Adder Makes History as the First Maltese Band to Rock China's Legendary Midi Festival

Lord Adder, the acclaimed Maltese heavy metal band, recently embarked on an exhilarating journey to the heart of China, where they made history with an electrifying performance at the prestigious Midi Festival.

The Midi Festival, often dubbed "China's Woodstock," is celebrated for its eclectic mix of both local and international bands, and Lord Adder proudly joined this illustrious roster.

Lord Adder stepped onto the grand stage of Midi Festival on Monday 2nd October, showcasing their unique sound and incredible talent to an audience of over 30,000 music aficionados. The band was met with an overwhelming wave of warmth and boundless energy, solidifying their place in the hearts of their newfound Chinese fans.

Lord Adder's groundbreaking performance at Midi Festival marks a historic milestone, as they become the first Maltese band ever to grace this international stage. This accomplishment signifies the band's growing global recognition and solidifies their status as musical trailblazers.

As they returned to Malta on Thursday 5th October, Lord Adder eagerly anticipates the promising future that lies ahead, fuelled by the success of this remarkable journey. Stay tuned for more thrilling developments from Lord Adder as they continue to conquer new horizons in the world of heavy metal music.

In the meantime, one can view the songs they performed on the band’s page on Facebook, and we promise to get more details from the trio once they are back rehearsing for the next gig….

Damaged & Co. head to Israel

In the meantime, on Wednesday 4th October alternative metal outfit Damaged & Co. left for Israel, where they are to perform three shows: Haifa on Tursday 5th, Tel Aviv on the 8th and Jerusalem on Tuesday 10th October. While awaiting on more details we wish the band the best of luck….

Angelcrypt hit Georgia

Angelcrypt, is probably the busiest band on the island when it comes to touring. Their never-ending tour started on the 14 May 2022 and are at the moment receiving invites for festivals and gigs for 2025. This Friday (6th October) the band are in Georgia for the band’s first ever gig in this country at the intersection of Europe and Asia where they’ll be playing at Junkyard live music venue sharing the stage with Georgian bands, Angel Of Disease and Vismier. The band shall be visiting the Quantic Club in Bucharest next.

Genn to tour album

In the meantime British based band Genn announced their tour to promote their new album ‘Unum’ set to be released on Friday 6th October. The tour covers 10 UK dates and starts from January 6th. Till now no Maltese date has been set, but we’re hoping Genn shall include Malta in their tour at some point in time.

In the meantime gigs and events around the islands are on schedule – more info can be found on our events page, but let’s take a look at what was and shall be released. We have already mentioned Genn’s debut album Unum but before it hits the shelves in record shops the band released a single on Wednesday 4th October titled ‘The Sister Of’, which is accompanied by a short film-style music video shot in Ukraine as a cross-cultural collaborative artistic project also launched on Wednesday.

Other releases

13 Years Later’ are a trio formed by Jeanelle Newell and Gianni Saliba (formerly of the band 'Uncharted') and Andrew Muscat (formerly of 'Eve Ransom'). The three were active in the local music scene between 2006 and 2009, with tracks played on various local radio stations and were nominees and performed in local music award events on more than one occasion. After a 13 year absence from music they decided to give it another shot and formed this new band, and have just recorded the debut single ‘Hold On’ which is set to be released online during the second week of October.

Another new song was released during the last few days of September by Jodi & Ian a duo formed by Jodi Zerafa Heckenlaible and Ian Zerafa. The song is titled ‘Tfal’ and as Jodi expressed: “I was inspired to write this song not long after the birth of our second child. We were learning to adjust to our new life as a young family of four. Coupled with joy and gratitude, we were also struggling with feelings of frustration and overwhelm as we tried to cope with new jobs, childcare and the daily challenges that come with raising young children. The words flowed out of me with ease, allowing me to channel the challenges we were facing in that period of time into a song. Ian and I sat together one evening and created this song. This one is close to my heart, and I believe many will resonate with it.”

'All Alone' written by Thomas Libreri and sung by Tessa Libreri, and released in September the Australian duo (with strong Maltese connection) and multi award-winning group, 'Destiny Band Oz'. 'All Alone' is from their 6th multi award-winning album of 10 original songs called 'Who I Might Be' produced by Damian Cafarella. It's a soulful ballad with a breezy, almost 'Hawaiin type feel' about the realisation that sometimes, people are only ever around when they want something from you, so you need to stop trying to do everything for everyone else, prioritize yourself and be okay with being 'all alone'.

'All Alone' will be the 10th and last single release from this album with the previous 9 single releases having all achieved #1s on various independent charts. 'Destiny Band Oz' have also recently won 5 more international awards at 3 different competitions to add to their cache of over 35 major independent music awards worldwide.

On the 15th September Decline The Fall released ‘Suffocating’. The debut single from the album "Perspectives," scheduled to be unleashed on November 4th, 2023 at The Garage. This track offers listeners an emotional rollercoaster, traversing the spectrum from clean, melodic harmonies to intense, electrifying distortion. At its core, "Suffocating" delves into the impact those closest to us have on our lives, often unconsciously shaping our choices and molding our beliefs. This influence can inadvertently stifle our self-expression and hinder us from reaching our full potential. The song serves as a reminder of the intricate web of connections that define our existence. "Suffocating" can be interpreted in multiple ways, mirroring the diverse perspectives we encounter daily...which is precisely the driving force behind the album's title, "Perspectives."

Another new single is called ‘The Painter’ by Akuma The Poet and Aidan Somers was released during the first days of October via a video on YouTube. Written and directed by Akuma the Poet with videography by Keith Dimech and a performance by Sergio Laferla the song depicts the internal battles an artist faces between himself and his art. Song was composed and produced by Aidan Somers and features Clayton Gauci on guitars.

In the meantime, on Saturday 23 September 2023, Devil’s Breath have released via Sombre Soniks, a New Compilation track - Mantra Of Marching Mammoths. It is the 7th track on this compilation made up of 23 songs. Genre wise. Mantra Of Marching Mammoths, is a Dark Drone Ritual track with minor Noise and Industrial influences. Some listeners may also find the track fitting for their meditative rituals. Compilation can be listened to here.

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