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FRONT 242 .....catch them while you can!

At the beginning of this year, Belgian industrial legends, Front 242 have announced that they were

embarking on a 2024-2025 farewell tour, ending their concert career spanning over 40 years.

The last leg of the final tour was dubbed as “Black Out” concerts. The farewell tour will see Front 242 performing all over Europe and the United States of America. A statement issued by the band reads as follows:

“It is with mixed emotions that we announce our last concerts.

We sadly close a great adventure of some 40 years amazing feelings shared with our wonderful

audience. We realize that stopping now with a great image and full energy is what everybody would like to remember.

So, don't miss Front 242 this year.”

Luckily enough for us one of the dates of the final tour will happen in Malta and we have Rene

‘Hades’ Farrugia to thank for that. FRONT 242 are to headlining the second day of The Dark Malta Festival at Gianpula Village on Saturday, April 2024. More information about the 5 th Anniversary edition of the Gothic / Industrial / Metal Festival can be obtained from the event’s facebook page. ( I am more than certain that Patrick Codenys, Richard Jonckheere and Jean-Luc De Meyer will bring the roof down with their energetic performance. This is only one of the highlights offered during this year’s edition. Tickets will be available at the door.

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