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Fundraiser for Malta Arts Complex plus new releases!

Claire Marante Releases Introspective Single "You Want Me"

Claire Marante has just released a new song titled "You Want Me," influenced by artists like Tori Amos, PJ Harvey, and Fiona Apple. The song addresses themes of sexual violence and abuse and draws inspiration from Elvis Costello's "I Want You" and Michael Winterbottom's film of the same name.

"You Want Me" is the first single from an upcoming EP set to be released in September. For this EP, Marante collaborated with James Baldacchino, who produced and recorded the tracks, Franco Tartaglia on guitar, and Luke Briffa on drums.

Recently, Marante shared, “I mostly write about my personal experiences and events that evoke strong emotions in me. My themes range from the environment and personal struggles to motherhood, relationships, social issues like corruption, and our disconnection from nature. Being naturally introverted, my songs tend to be introspective and self-analytical.”

Watch music video of 'You want Me' here.

Aidan Somers Launches Fundraiser for Malta Arts Complex

Overview of the facilities offered

Following last week’s news about rehearsal spaces, many artists and bands voiced their opinions and justified complaints. However, a piece of news that should particularly interest any artist is Aidan Somers’ fundraising campaign to create the Malta Music & Performing Arts Complex.

“We are launching this campaign to create a vibrant community of musicians and artists who will co-share facilities in artist residencies, memberships, and educational programs. Many musicians have recently been evicted from their current premises, leading to a high demand for practice spaces for creative practitioners of all forms," Somers explained.

He continued, “All contributors to the project will enable us to gather the funding needed to rent an adequate space to host 20+ rooms, giving access to 60+ memberships for creative practitioners. Within two months, 40% of bands need a space ASAP, 30% by September 2024, and 30% by January 2025. Without any direct and immediate governmental support, there is a dire need for such a space, and we're actively seeking the community's help to build this project.”

The funding breakdown is as follows:

Rent: €150,000 (5-10 year agreement)

Renovation and Furnishing: €50,000

Operational Costs (Utilities, Maintenance, Staff): €35,000

Marketing and Outreach: €15,000

“We are seeking to raise €250,000 to secure a rental space for a year, furnish it, and cover the operational costs. Transparency is key. Every euro you contribute will be meticulously allocated to ensure the maximum benefit for our creative community,” Somers stated on social media when introducing his campaign. More information can be found here.

Unholy Alliance: Zabbeth and Vauldeire Unleash Black Thrashing Split on Witches Brew

Two of Witches Brew's finest purveyors of black thrashing mayhem have formed an unholy alliance on this diabolical split! Zabbeth (Malta) kicks off with four brand new tracks paying homage to classic Bathory, while Vauldeire (USA) concludes this infernal release with three new vampiric hymns to darkness.

This unholy production, BREW141, is now available for pre-order through the Brewmistress' Bandcamp page. The collaboration was released for streaming and digital download, as well as on CDs on June 24th (limited to 300 copies worldwide). The LP release is set for July 24th, available in three color variants: Black, Translucent Red, and Black and White Splatter (limited to 300 copies worldwide).

"Iblis," one of Zabbeth's songs on this split, is available for streaming on Bandcamp.

Berne Releases "Waves" from Debut Album "789"

For fans of: London Grammar, Art School Girlfriend, The xx, RY X and Björk

Berne released "Waves" on May 23, 2024. "Waves" was the second track from Berne’s debut album "789," set for release in October 2024, following "Language," which was released in March 2024. The album is inspired by how humans interact with the planet, animals, and each other.

"Waves" is a creative expression of creating change and driving collective action in a metaphorically confined space with limited resources. It presents feelings of frustration, anger, and hopelessness, while taking inspiration from the natural world. The song is accompanied by a DIY music video filmed on an iPhone by Berne in Malta.

Berne explained: “'Waves' started off when a flock of birds gathered on a tree outside our kitchen window one morning - they must have been getting together about something important, much like many of us were doing. Over the course of a few months, we developed the track from a bass line and a vocal melody into what you hear today. It was recorded in our studio and at Hackney Road Studios with Mercury Prize winner and Music Producer’s Guild winner Shuta Shinoda and mastered by Music Producer’s Guild Mastering Engineer of the Year 2023 Cicely Balston.”

Upcoming shows:

“A duo addressing injustice through music and beyond.” BBC Introducing 

"'Language' is a firm reminder of just how awe-inspiring they can be. Fresh and immersive at every turn, Berne already sound like they are entering the next phase within their musical evolution to date." Lock Magazine

Contact Berne on

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