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Hades Events is 20 / Leo Stivala lays down vocals / New date for Intergalactic Animal Farm!

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

20 Years ago a long journey called Hades Events started ... One year later, on the 18th March, their first event with international artist Vitalic was hosted and after that, “ it was a whole roller coaster of emotions, tears, challenges, joy, projects that seemed impossible and more” as posted by Rene Farrugia, founder of Hades Events on fb.

"In 5 weeks time we will see each other at Dark Malta Festival 2023, not to forget another The Dungeon Event coming soon, The Malta Deathfest and the 15th anniversary of The Halloween Massacre. Also a jam packed calendar at The Garage , and already 3 foreign dj gigs and more. So yes it's going to be another busy year. For sure I cannot thank you all for the support all these years and for the coming ones too ”.

Congratulations from Melodija Team goes out to Rene and surely we cannot thank him enough for all the events and bands we had these past 20 years

The Anchorite will return!

Anchorite are currently in pre-production of their second album (yet untitled), with Leo Stivala belting out some really EPIC vocals!

The band are aiming for a late 2023 release!

In a short post Leo stated: "New Anchorite album being composed.. Thanks to Daniel P. Warrington for helping me out with the vocal pre-production sessions."

The Viper and the Wolf are finally meeting as they collide in an explosive soup at the speed of light for a night to remember!

The event was supposed to be held in April but had to be postponed due to unforeseen circumstances. New date for the event is 12th August at The Garage.

In their statement organisers Viper Soup Complex said: "At Viper Soup Complex, we'll join forces with locals Lightspeed Collision and our Italian friends Wolfsinger; for a healthy mix of genres that will provide you with an unforgettable experience

Stay tuned for posts and updates!"

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