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If It’s Pop(Ular) It’s (Not) Cool - Out Now!

If It’s Pop(Ular) It’s (Not) Cool - Out Now!

They don't do house, but they like to party - Massacre House Party are a surfy garage, post-punky, indie rock band who've been charming the tiny sunny island of Malta with their catchy, body moving tunes.Coolness has never been so proud to have as its ambassadors a trio,who joined forces even unknown to their good selves, to play a stringof memorable live shows and unleash blistering, poppy singles to the people out there, as long as they enjoy themselves too. 2023 will seethe digital re-release of their CD only collection of 2011 - 2015 singles "If It's Pop(ular) it's (Not) Cool"through Kewn Records; Now also featuring their last outing "The Highway"!

After a couple of years (2011 - 2014) with Sylvan Borg on guitars and Aaron Sammut on drums playing together as The Sylvan Aaron Massacre,alongside an inanimate click track and several layers of plastified synths, the band decided that they needed the helpful hand of Samwel Mallia (2014 - ), who through quick picking and slick fingering (on bass), the duo-now-trio became known to mankind as Massacre House Party.

Check out the EP on our bandcamp and get a free download of ‘Love This City’ here.

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