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Juiced by Owen & Destiny / Back to the roots by Maleth / Intergalactic update

  • Owen Leuellen and Destiny collaborate on new song - press release 14/07/2023

They are a match made in music heaven and we got a taste of the magic on The Voice Kids Malta.

Today Owen Leuellen and Destiny release their collaborative track ‘Juice’ on all radio stations along

with a music video by the renowned Steven Levi Vella and DOP Victor Abela who have multiple

music videos to their names.

The collaboration is a fresh Summer track which will surely have you turning up the volume.

Owen tell us ‘’ We were friends a long time ago but since we been on the voice together as coaches we found more buzz in each other than we had ever seen before. So we were like how bout we give the island something to remember for a long time’’ while Destiny says ‘’ I don’t know from where to start. Myself and owen always had a very genuine friendship. We love being around eachother and supporting one another. But after the voice kids we shared something deeper and more special. And we instantly thought about collaborating together. This is just the beginning and I’m pretty sure we’ll have much more music coming your way in the future. To end this I would like to thank owen for being such an incredible person and for making me feel so at ease around him. Stay tuned x x x’’

Music video link

  • Maleth Crucis unveils another song from their upcoming EP

In a post on the band's facebook page (and his personal one) singer Michael said this about the latest song announced to be part of their upcoming debut EP: "Now that this gem is featuring in our EP historia nostra, it served to reach another benchmark in the mastering process. It's more brutal than its previous version. This is what morphed Maleth Crucis, between the founding members a re-union from the early-mid nineties in the days of Lithomancy".

The band also posted the following information regarding the song in particular and the EP:

  • Intergalactic Animal Farm event important update

Viper Soup Complex issued an important update today 17th July with regards to their event taking place at The Garage on 12th August: "The Viper and the Wolf are still meeting and colliding in an explosive soup at the speed of light, however this time round the wolf will not be singing, it will transcend from sheep while becoming more and more determined to provide you with an incredible night !

No ..we're not dreaming! it's actually the truth!

This event hasn't been without its changes! and yet another change will see Wolfsinger having to leave our night due to unforeseen circumstances to be replaced by locals From Sheep To Wolves!

While we hope to have the opportunity to share the stage once again with Wolfsinger, we're looking forward and we're excited to see this new development!

Stay tuned for more!

Poster credit goes to the ever-patient Samwel Mallia".

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