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Kewn grasps Dalam / Il Bestia returns / Juan Xerri to fill for Mark this weekend

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Kewn Records add yet another band to its roster

In a short post (reproduced below) on their Facebook page Kewn Records announced the signing of yet another band, Dalam. In the same post the records company also revealed details of Dalam debut release.

photo by Elisa von Brockdorff

'Proud to announce the signing of the backing band to Malta’s construction noise - DALAM !

'HEADLINES', the band’s debut EP, is an introduction to DALAM’s sardonic brand of noise rock and hardcore. The four tracks feature stories that would make the news in a parallel world where Malta is just slightly more bizarre. Engineered, mixed, and mastered at Hell Next Door Studios.'

'Headlines' is out later this year via Kewn Records.

Dalam are:

Malcolm Alden - Vocals

Kurt Pace - Guitar

Ben Mifsud Joslin - Bass guitar, vocals

Andrew Mifsud - Drums

Dalam shall perform at RTS on Sunday 7th May.

The return of 'Il Bestia'

photo by Stefano Vella

This year Rock The South not only marks its 10th anniversary, but also the return of Loathe's vocalist David "Beast" Fenech on stage after a four year absence, this time fronting 'newcomers' Niket, a project started by Nicholas Bonello as a solo project in 2019. Niket's show at RTS, in fact is the band's stage debut.

In a post on his Facebook page David expressed: " It's been nearly 4 years since I performed Live with Loathe, unfortunately we're going thru a neverending Hiatus at the moment but we ain't gone yet expect some Good news soon...

Meanwhile a few years ago a very extraordinary and wonderful Individual contacted me telling me he had this Dream he wanted to fulfill and wanted me to do vocals...

He told me something that I'll never forget and brought tears to my eyes plus flattery and appreciation - He said till now you are the most Painful and Desperate Voice I have ever heard in the Maltese Scene and that's why I want you in this...

With this I felt that all I ever wanted to achieve as a vocalist with Loathe was reached thus becoming the Birth of Niket 🖤

So finally after our Debut EP self titled Niket we're performing for the first time Live at Rock The South Malta and since were beginners (LOL!) were playing a bit early in the afternoon so it would be lovely to see a lot of you Guys and Girls catch us Live and Enjoy our Show.

Thanks and Hope to see you there

Deepest Respect

Niket released their debut eponymous EP on 22nd October 2021on Kewn Records and shall hit the stage at RTS as Dalam, on Sunday 7th May.

Juan Xerri to fill for Mark Spiteri on vocal duties at The Garage this weekend

At noon on Friday 14th April the following statement was released by Lord Adder on the band's page on Facebook:

"Earlier this week, our frontman and bassist - Mark (Crusher) was hit with a really mean throat allergy which had a severe (temporary) effect on his voice making him unable to reach certain notes. Given that the concert was to happen in a few days' time, there was no way we would cancel this gig after months of preparation from both us and Soul. At the same time, though, we truly value your experience more than anything, and anyone who's been following us through the years can (hopefully) vouch for that.

In comes Juan Xerri, most of you may know him either from previous guest appearances with us or as the frontman of great bands such as Animamortua and previously Relicuia. Yesterday's rehearsal was great and we look forward to sharing with you the final result tomorrow. Join us in welcoming Juan as part of The Gut's lineup!"

Whilst all of us from yearn a speedy recovery to Mark, we are sure that Juan shall rise to the occasion and deliver, as he always did.

The Gut is happening on Saturday 15th April at The Garage

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Apr 14, 2023

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