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Klinsmann - press release

Malta's prominent artist, Klinsmann, unveiled his latest single titled "Survivor" on Friday, March 1st, 2024. This eagerly anticipated release marked Klinsmann's return to the airwaves, offering a glimpse into his evolving musical direction. "Survivor" serves as a bridge between Klinsmann's established identity, encapsulating his signature vibe and style, and the exciting journey ahead, culminating in the highly anticipated release of his upcoming album.

‘Survivor’ is a song that delves into the experience of facing adversity, not just in relationships but in life's challenges from a young age. It's about confronting difficult situations and making tough decisions to keep moving forward, regardless of the cost.

While it touches on the pain of losing someone dear, it's also a reflection of personal growth

and resilience. It emphasizes that despite the hardships we face, we possess the inner strength to overcome and emerge stronger. So, it's a reminder that every trial we endure contributes to our growth and eventual triumph.

Written by: Klinsmann

Produced By: Howard Kieth (Jagged House Studios)

Facebook: | Instagram: @klinsmannofficial

YouTube: | Tiktok: @klinsmannofficial

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