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Klinsmann - press release

Klinsmann's New Song "Something Real" Released on July 12, 2024

Malta's prominent artist KLINSMANN is set to unveil his latest single, "Something Real" on FRIDAY, JULY 12, 2024. Following the successful release of "Survivor," which reached over 200,000 YouTube views and 120,000 plays on Spotify, this new track bridges Klinsmann's established identity—showcasing his signature vibe and style—with the exciting journey ahead, culminating in the highly anticipated release of his upcoming album. "Something Real" is a song that delves into the transformative journey from emotional turmoil and dissatisfaction with a false persona to the pursuit of authenticity and genuine self-expression. The song conveys a powerful and uplifting message about the importance of embracing one's true self and seeking real connections. It encourages listeners to let go of false personas and the relentless chase for superficial validation, reminding us that true happiness and fulfillment come from being authentic and true to ourselves.

Written by: Klinsmann Coleiro

Produced By: Howard Kieth (Jagged House Studios)

Mobile: +356 79909072

Here is the pre-save link Something Real

Facebook: @klinsmannofficial | Instagram: @klinsmannofficial YouTube: @klinsmannofficial | TikTok: @klinsmannofficial

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