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Krishna - Despondent - Out Now!

Despondent was written in the latter part of 2022, with Timothy initially coming up with the main riff, and then improvising on it with drummer and percussionist Alan until the song was formed. The song itself deals with the themes of heavy sorrow and burden; highlighting the particular helplessness that results from Anhedonia (The loss of ability to feel pleasure).

Krishna is an instrumental heavy music duo from Malta consisting of Timothy Garrett on guitar and Alan Darmanin on drums. Originally founded by Garrett and Liam Formosa in 2013, Krishna’s sound is very much indefinable, however, in musical terms, it channels such styles and techniques of post-metal, post-rock, drone, ambient, stoner, doom as well as a host of other genres. Stay tuned for Krishna ‘s album ‘Headless’ coming out on the 25th of March!

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