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Krishna to drop non-album track as new 'single'

Updated: Mar 14, 2023

On the first day of March instrumental heavy duo Krishna posted the following message on their fb page:

“Thought you were only getting 1 new release? Think again We’re so excited to announce that we’ll be releasing ‘Despondent’ on the 17th of March via Kewn Records. 'Despondent' is one of the new songs we wrote after the band’s line up change and was a sign of the new direction we were taking with our sound. This song’s come to mean a lot to us, and we can’t wait to share it with you."

So, Krishna are set to release a non-album track prior to the release of their fifth album ‘Headless’….confusing?! Not really…after all this is Krishna, but, we still had to ask…..

“As many people know, Krishna experienced a significant line-up change in 2022, with Alan Darmanin taking on drumming and percussion duties. Although we initially planned to rehearse written material, we very quickly started jamming and coming up with new ideas. As we were planning the album launch itself, we thought it’d be a good idea to release an extra single ahead of the launch itself to show the new direction the band’s sound was taking following the line-up change”, replied Timothy.

M: For now this is a non album track. Shall it be included on your next or future releases?

T: “For the moment we’re considering ‘Despondent’ as its own release, but we don’t discount including it on a future album. You’ll just have to wait and see”.

Krishna will be releasing their new album, ‘Headless’, just a week later at Malta Society of Arts, with support from Eyes to Argus.

M: How are preparations for the launch going and what are we to expect?

T: “Preparations for the launch have been underway for some time. At this point we’re rehearsing as much as we can. We’re quite excited to perform this piece for the first time live. As people have come to expect, we never play songs exactly the same twice, so expect new sounds and textures during the performance”.

You can book your place at the launch ahead of time by contacting the band

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