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Maleth Crucis & Atomic Flame debuts/Vince Farrugia passes away/Beer Fest dates

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

Maleth Crucis finalising debut

Michael Grech Sammut putting down his vocals

Maleth Crucis have announced that work on their debut EP is well under way and the band has got five out of six songs ready, while also working on the artwork.

Maleth Crucis (death metal) was formed in June 2020 by Carlo Calamatta (song writer & guitarist) and Michael Grech Sammut (vocals). With bassist Joseph Camilleri joining just after the name Maleth Crucis was chosen.

The name comes from both Phoenician and Latin language. Maleth was the name given to our country, Malta, during the Carthaginians rule around the year 480 B.C. While Crucis is the Latin word for Cross which is directly linked to the knights of Saint John.

In 2020 Michael and Carlo got the rights and ownership of a song they have written in 1992 transferred from Lithomancy to Maleth Crucis. The song titled ‘Witness of Eternity’, was reconstructed and rearranged, retaining the most important riffs that sums up its character.

Both Carlo and Michael are founders of the local death metal band Lithomancy.

‘Witness of Eternity’ was released on 16th August 2020.

Footprints’ Vince Farrugia passes away

News that Footprints’ Vince Farrugia has passed away was announced on the band's Facebook page around 6pm on Wednesday 19th April.

Post read: "The band is saddened by the news that Vince Farrugia has passed away. Vince used to play the drums with Footprints during the first years of the band in the early 2000's. Our prayers to Vince and condolences to his family."

Footprints have contributed greatly to the local scene, especially in the contemporary Christian one.

All at Melodija offer our heartfelt condolences to Vince's family and friends.

Debut single by Atomic Flame

Atomic Flame debuted live on the 21st January at The Garage and since then have been working on recording new material. The debut single titled ‘Innocence Become Prey’ shall be released on May 1st and the band shall return on stage on the 27th alongside Delirium MT at The Garage in an event labelled Burnout.

Farsons Beer Festival announces dates

In a short post on their facebook page Farsons Beer Festival announced the dates and place for this year’s edition. This is the 41st edition of The Farsons Beer Festival and it’ll take place in Ta’ Qali’s picnic area between the 27th July and 5th August.

The festival is one of Malta’s hottest summer celebrations. Running over 10 days, this summer outdoor festival brings together the best local music, beer and entertainment and is one of Malta’s most awaited summer annual events, drawing thousands of festival goers every night.

Follow for more updates and band announcements in the near future.

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