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Malta's Cultural Highlights: Exciting New Music Releases and Spectacular Events

Zabbeth and Vaulderie Set to Release Split Album

In an exciting development for metal fans, Zabbeth will be returning with a new split album featuring American band Vaulderie. This collaboration promises to deliver a powerful and darkly atmospheric experience, drawing heavily on the influences of iconic metal bands like Bathory, Sabbat, and Venom.

Hailing from Tacoma, Washington, Vaulderie is a formidable presence in the metal scene. The band comprises of Archfiend Vukodlak on bass and vocals, Nostenebris on drums, and guitarists Draconoth and Khamazotz. Their debut, self-produced EP, "Fiends of the Night," written in 2022, marked their entry into the metal world with a bang. Initially a three-piece, Vaulderie's first performance took place at the legendary Central Saloon in Seattle, where they played alongside Kömmand in support of Ares Kingdom. Following this, Khamazotz joined the band, and they began recording as a four-piece, self-releasing the EP in December 2022. Three months later, they signed with Witches Brew for an official release.

Vaulderie's sound is deeply influenced by the legendary Bathory, as well as Sabbat and Venom. Their live performances have seen them share the stage with notable acts such as The Accüsed A.D., Spiter, Desolus, Mortiferum, Physique, Funeral Chant, and Aberration. In 2023, their band shirt even made a cameo in the Skeletal Remains music video for "Relentless Appetite," underscoring their growing influence in the metal community.

This latest release came about when Cheryl from Witches Brew approached Zabbeth about a split album with Vaulderie. Zabbeth enthusiastically agreed, and the collaboration began. Both bands drew inspiration from Bathory's early works, with Zabbeth focusing on unreleased demos recorded before Bathory's yellow goat album, while Vaulderie added their own vampiric twist to the classic sound.

Vaulderie recorded their tracks at The Blood Shed in Tacoma, Washington, and sent them to Chaos (Zabbeth) for mixing and mastering at Subterranea Studios. The album’s artwork was a collaborative effort between Chaos and Vukodlak, brought to life by Shaun Farrugia, guitarist of Rankin and Mur.Doc 104. For this recording, Chaos recruited Zain Gauci, from Halcyon, Pilgrimage, Saint Vermin and Horned Majesty on drums.

The split album is set to be released on CD and 10” Vinyl formats, with editions available in Black and White splatter, Translucent Red, and Black. The release dates are scheduled for June 24th and July 24th, respectively. Singles from each band, “Iblis” and “Necrobeast,” are currently streaming on all major platforms, and preorders are available from Witches Brew’s webshop on Bandcamp.

About Witches Brew

Founded in 2002 by Cheryl, Witches Brew has its roots deeply embedded in the underground metal scene. Inspired by her husband’s label, Barbarian Wrath, Cheryl launched Witches Brew to focus on Thrash and Death Metal. The label’s name was inspired by Manilla Road's "Open The Gates," and since its inception, Witches Brew has been dedicated to helping underground bands achieve greater recognition and professionally produced CDs.

13 Years Later Releases Poignant New Single "John Doe"

In a heartfelt return to the music scene, the band 13 Years Later has unveiled their latest single, "John Doe." This release holds profound significance for the band, encapsulating a journey marked by personal struggles and a powerful message of hope.

A year ago, Jeanelle, the band's front-woman, and her family faced a series of deeply challenging events. During this period of turmoil, band members Gianni and Dru found themselves in the garage, devoid of any plans or even the desire to play. However, amidst this raw and unplanned session, a unique piece of music began to take shape, driven by the intensity of their emotions.

When Jeanelle heard the nascent tune, it resonated deeply with her, and the band collectively felt compelled to develop it further. Over the past year, they poured their hearts into refining this song, dedicating it to those battling mental health issues.

"John Doe" serves as a tribute to individuals navigating their darkest moments, a reminder that even in the most challenging times, there is always a flicker of light ahead. The song is a powerful message of courage and hope, meant to resonate with and support those in need.

13 Years Later invites everyone to join them in spreading this important message. Together, they aim to shine a light on mental health, offering support and solidarity to those who need it most.

Malta's Cultural Highlights: Three Spectacular Events

Malta is set to host a series of exciting cultural events, showcasing the nation's rich maritime heritage, classical music, and international musical talent.

The Grand Harbour will come alive on Saturday 22nd June with the fifth edition of the Valletta Pageant of the Seas. This year's event, themed "Save the Sea," focuses on the urgent issue of plastic and microplastic pollution in the world’s oceans. Starting at 9pm, the show will feature traditional dgħajjes tal-pass and regatta boats, followed by an impressive light projection show with an original score by Cyprian Cassar.

A highlight of the evening will be a water fountain display by Aquatique Show, inspired by the natural movements of water and reflecting Maltese culture. With over 35 years of experience in producing large-scale events, including the Paris Olympics, Aquatique Show promises a mesmerizing experience. The night will conclude with a grand fireworks display.

The public is invited to view the show from Quarry Wharf, Valletta, and surrounding areas. The event is organized by the Valletta Cultural Agency, with support from the Ministry for National Heritage, the Arts and Local Governance, and Visit Malta. For more details, visit the Valletta Cultural Agency’s website.

As part of its 50th-anniversary celebrations, Bank of Valletta (BOV) will host the third instalment of its mini-concert series featuring the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra. This special concert will take place at the Annunciation of Our Lady Parish Church in Tarxien on Wednesday, July 10, at 7pm.

The free concert will feature a string quartet performing works by renowned composers Mro Charles Camilleri, Mro Joseph Vella, and Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, offering a blend of Maltese cultural heritage and classical masterpieces. The event will also include a brief talk by PrevArti, the restoration specialists behind the recent conservation of the church's titular altarpiece, "Annunciation" by Pietro Gagliardi.

Ernest Agius, BOV’s Chief Operations Officer, emphasized the bank's commitment to supporting the arts and cultural heritage, inviting everyone to enjoy an evening of beautiful music and enlightening discussion. This concert series aims to bring classical music to various community locations, fostering a deeper appreciation for the arts.

In another musical highlight, Maltese artists Joseph Calleja, Ira Losco, and Destiny will join Broadway stars to perform hits by the acclaimed composer Stephen Schwartz. The concert, featuring Matthew James Thomas, Keri Rene Fuller, and Michael McCorry Rose, will be held on September 29 at the Mediterranean Conference Centre. They will be accompanied by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra under the direction of Ian MacGregor.

Stephen Schwartz, known for his work on "Wicked" – the second best-selling musical of all time – as well as numerous film and theatre classics, is an Oscar, Grammy, and Tony award-winning composer. Tickets for this highly anticipated event are available online at

This summer Malta promises a rich tapestry of cultural events, celebrating the island's heritage and its contribution to the arts on a global stage.

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