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Owen Leuellen Redefines His Artistic Boundaries with New Release 'Bad'

Owen Leuellen, a prominent figure in the music industry, is back with his latest single, 'Bad,' which not only showcases his evolving creativity but also marks a significant departure from his usual comfort zone. In this track, Owen embraces a unique artistic versatility by challenging himself to incorporate captivating vocals for the chorus and a slower, melodic rap flow, a departure from his typical style.

But 'Bad' isn't just about a change in musical style; it's a window into Owen's personal journey. He explains, "As always, I write about life and what I’m going through. At the time I wrote this song, I was on the verge of leaving the country to embark on a journey to California. I had to detach from social links, including my girlfriend in Malta, to pursue my career without keeping her waiting on a lonely road. Fortunately, she stood by me, patiently waiting, and offering unwavering support every step of the way. This experience inspired me to create another song on the subject."

'BAD' was meticulously produced, mixed, mastered, and engineered by Edward Abela at Midnight Studios, where Owen embraced a whole new vibe, setting, and top-level equipment. Breaking out of one's comfort zone is a critical part of artistic growth, and Owen's dedication to trying new approaches has opened doors to fresh opportunities from every angle.

Owen Leuellen expresses his hope that his fans will recognise the dedication and hard work that went into 'Bad' and understand just how passionately he pursued this endeavour. "I wanted this," he asserts, reflecting the commitment he poured into this dynamic track.

Owen Leuellen is a highly regarded artist in the music industry, known for his innovative sound and electrifying performances. With a string of hit tracks and collaborations, he is on a remarkable journey to redefine the music landscape, leaving an indelible mark with every release. Owen's latest single, 'Bad,' is now available on all major streaming platforms, promising listeners an unforgettable experience.

'Bad' can be heard on Spotify and video can be seen here.

From Strait Street to Abbey Road

On Thursday, the 2nd of November, drummer Ġużè Camilleri is set to unveil the captivating history of jazz in Malta through a unique concert that seamlessly blends film and live performances.

This extraordinary event will take place at the Malta Society of Arts in Valletta, titled "Anecdotes of Maltese Early Jazz." The program will showcase compositions written by pioneering Maltese jazz musicians, interspersed with video interviews that served as the foundation for Camilleri's upcoming documentary film, "Strait Street to Abbey Road."

The concert will also treat the audience to a premiere of the documentary's trailer, which will be made available on the website, a novel platform designed to showcase films about Maltese history and culture.

Camilleri's documentary represents the culmination of months of in-depth research. It delves into the life of the legendary Maltese drummer, George Caruana, known by his stage name, Tony Carr. Carr made significant contributions to Malta's music scene before achieving international fame by performing with some of the most iconic figures in music history. However, as Camilleri emphasises, Carr's legacy, like that of many of his contemporaries, has faded into obscurity.

Born in Valletta, Carr honed his percussion skills in the bars and music halls of Strait Street, a bustling hub for Allied troops during World War II. In 1953, he emigrated to the UK, where he became a fixture in London's thriving jazz scene and swiftly garnered a reputation as a skilled and engaging performer.

Carr, now 96 years old, went on to work as a session musician for luminaries such as Ella Fitzgerald, Paul McCartney, Madness, The Alan Parsons Project and the surviving members of Led Zeppelin, among others.

Camilleri conducted his research on Carr's life while pursuing a master's degree in musicology, with his thesis dedicated to the life and work of this accomplished Maltese drummer, whom he underscores as a vital figure in the British jazz scene of the 1950s and 1960s. Subsequently, he secured funding from Arts Council Malta to transform his research into a documentary, with the adaptation for the screen and direction being handled by Cedric Vella.

The resulting documentary, "Strait Street to Abbey Road," is a pioneering endeavour that promises to introduce viewers to an uncharted segment of Malta's rich cultural history. In addition to Carr, the film features a wealth of notable musicians who left a significant mark on the local music scene. Among them is the local saxophonist legend Sammy Murgo and the skilled American multi-instrumentalist Juice Wilson, who settled in Malta in the 1940s after touring Europe for years.

Thursday's concert is poised to offer a revealing behind-the-scenes look at the film's making. It will feature compositions originally written for the country's first jazz trio, now reimagined for a quintet by the band's pianist, Dominic Galea. Joining Galea and Camilleri on stage will be saxophonist and flautist Walter Vella, trumpeter Alex Bezzina, and bassist Anthony Saliba.

In essence, Thursday's concert promises to be a genuine original in Malta's burgeoning jazz scene. Not only does it showcase performances by some of the country's most accomplished and active jazz musicians, but it also sheds light on an aspect of Malta's history that deserves acknowledgement.

This project is supported by Arts council Malta.


Weeping Silence has released another single from their upcoming album Isles Of Lore to be launched on the 12th December at The Garage.

This time, the character featured is “is-Serpentin”. Dragon-like reptiles such as “Is-Serp tas-Seba’ Rjus” (Seven-Headed Serpent), “Għaġeb tad-Dragunara” (Dragonara Serpent) or “is-Serpentin” (Serpentine) are often associated with deep waters or the underworld and are typically portrayed as manifestations of evil. In fact, the giant serpent featured in ‘Serpentine’ has the powers of a mage and the ability to shape-shift to lure its chosen victims.

There seems to be a common thread about being wary of people’s promises and outward appearance in several Maltese folk tales. Perhaps they were intentioned as cautionary tales to warn about the dangers of manipulative people who “shape-shift” expediently?

Artwork & caption: Julian Mallia (Julinu) (Referencing from the invaluable work of Guzi Gatt, Stephan D. Mifsud & others)

The song was released on Friday 27th October and features lyrics by Dario Pace Taliana. video of the song can be viewed here.

The Glorious 10th of May

Maleth Crucis is delighted to introduce the music video for 'The Glorious 10th of May.' The band extends an open invitation to the public to offer their thoughts and opinions on this release, accessible here.

The members of Maleth Crucis genuinely hope that the extended wait for this video has been rewarding. They have scheduled the release of their EP 'Historia Nostra' for the upcoming month and urge everyone to stay connected to their page for forthcoming updates and news.

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