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Marcello remembered - Muzika Muzika 2024 - Decline The Fall unveils Agony

Extreme metal pioneer Marcello Scalpello dies

Marcello circa 1992

Earlier this week, the obituary for Marcello Scalpello was circulated across various social media platforms. Marcello passed away peacefully on September 9th at his residence in the United Kingdom. Originally hailing from Fgura, he played a pivotal role in shaping the extreme metal scene in Malta and was a driving force in the establishment of Beheaded. His unwavering commitment to the metal community, involvement in tape trading, and underground connections were instrumental. Alongside David Cachia, Chris Brincat, David Bugeja, and Tyson Fenech, Marcello co-founded Psychotic Impulse, which later evolved into Beheaded after numerous visits to the rehearsal room of X-Vandals, formerly known as Vandals, in Tarxien around 1991. He lent his vocals to the band's demo 'Souldead,' released in May 1995, and their debut full-length album 'Perpetual Mockey' in 1998. Marcello also served as the frontman for Beheaded on their very first international tour.

Frank Calleja, the current frontman of Beheaded, shared on his Facebook page: "I didn't have the privilege of knowing Marcello personally, but I did engage in a significant conversation with him a few years ago. Despite the unexpected nature of the topics we discussed, I was genuinely delighted to have connected with him. As a young metal enthusiast growing up in the Maltese scene of the 90s, Beheaded always stood as a prominent figure, leading the charge and reigning supreme. In my eyes, they were idols, and I instantly became a fan after hearing 'Vae Victus' for the first time on 'The Storm has begun' compilation. Marcello's vocals, in particular, left an indelible mark on me. They were evil and demonic in a way that I had never heard before. While other vocalists have taken the helm before me, including Lorenz Wenzu Joyce and Melkior Borg, both of whom I hold in high regard, Marcello, as a vocalist, was truly unique. Performing some of those songs from our setlist, I can attest to the mind-blowing cadence, voice, lines, and lyrics he brought to the table. I genuinely regard him as one of the greatest vocalists in the genre, not only locally but globally. We carry forward a legacy that he and the founding members initiated. Rest in Power, Marcello."

Marcello also left his mark on the music scene by recording, engineering, and producing Forsaken's demo 'Requiem' and producing the debut demo 'Rise Of Evil' for the Vandals, both in 1991.

The Melodija team extends their heartfelt condolences to Marcello's family and friends.

Muzika Muzika 2024 songs announced

The Festivals Malta agency has announced the 40 songs that have passed to the next phase of Mużika Mużika 2024, which will take place between the 14th and 16th of March of the upcoming year.

This comes after, in mid October, Festivals Malta opened submissions, with quite a positive responce.

The 40 songs that have passed to the next phase are (in alphabetical order by song title):

  • 3 ta’ Ġunju 2021

  • Bil-Jekk u bil-Jewilla

  • Dawk l-Għajnejn

  • Dejjem f’Għajnejja

  • Din Għalik

  • Dinja Oħra

  • Fil-Qrib

  • Ftakart

  • Ġenna

  • Għalija

  • Għannaqtek

  • Ġnien

  • Ġrajjietna

  • Ġranet Sbieħ

  • Grazzi

  • Ħolma ta’ Mument

  • Il-Fjur

  • Iljun

  • Imħabba Vera

  • Imqar għal-Lejla

  • Inħobbok Wisq

  • Inti Dejjem Hemm

  • Jekk Forsi

  • Jiena Missier

  • Kewkba F’Tarf L-Irdum

  • Kieku Kelli

  • Kif Jista Jkun

  • Lulju

  • Meta Lilek Tajtek Fjura

  • Meta Tridni Ħdejk

  • Mhux tal-Aħħar

  • Mingħajr Kliem

  • Narak Illejla

  • Paradoss

  • Qtar in-Nida

  • Tiegħek

  • Tiegħek Biss

  • Vjaġġ Sabiħ

  • Waħdi

  • Żmien Ieħor

Decline The Fall unveils new single

Literally hours before Decline The Fall return to our shores, where they’ll be launching their new album titled ‘Perspective’ they have released the fourth single from the album. The song ‘Agony’ hit all streaming platforms this morning (3rd November) accompanied by an exciting video, which can be seen here.

In a nutshell, Decline The Fall, formed in 2015, has quite a remarkable journey. In 2017, the five-piece band made a strong mark by sharing stages with genre legends like Mayhem, Rotting Christ, and notably, Lacuna Coil. In 2019, they received their first invitation to perform at the renowned Hills of Rock festival in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, which boasted an attendance of over 50,000. Their debut album, 'Our Own Demise,' received praise both locally and internationally. Their first single, 'Nemesis,' proved to be a hit, amassing thousands of views on YouTube alone.

In 2020, the band relocated to Slovenia, where they currently reside, resulting in a change in the lineup. Despite the global pandemic's hush falling over the world, the band members focused on crafting material for their second full-length album. With numerous gigs and festival appearances on the horizon, Decline The Fall is gearing up for a comeback in the live music scene, ready to make a resounding impact on the metal world with their captivating and innovative music. Their electrifying live performances have consistently left international audiences yearning for more.

The album launch for 'Perspective' is scheduled for the upcoming Saturday, November 4th, at The Garage, featuring two other bands: From Sheep To Wolves and Londoners Broken Calling, who are making their second visit to our island.

The album's artwork was created by Etienne Bugeja, and the project is supported by the Malta Arts Fund.

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