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Morsrot tops THC chart / Animamortua's art work / Judgement Day wins award

'Carnal Enslavement' recognised as best 2022 release in Malta by The Heavy Communion

In the concluding months of 2022, The Heavy Communion (THC) unveiled its selection for The Best Heavy Metal Album From Every Country of that year. THC operates as an online platform dedicated to the realm of heavy metal, consistently sharing weekly posts that encompass the task of compiling the most exceptional new heavy releases, alongside other pertinent news within the genre.

In accordance with the assessments of this platform, the top three releases from Malta for the previous year were as follows:

1. Morsrot’s ‘Carnal Enslavement’ demo released on 7th July (Death Metal)

2. Nokturnal Void’s debut full-length album ‘Odiiu’ released on 17th November (Black Metal)

3. Albert Bell’s Sacro Sanctus fourth full-length album ‘Sword of Fierbois’ released on Metal On Metal Records, 30th September (Blackened Heavy Doom Metal)

These selections stand as a testament to Malta's contributions to the diverse landscape of heavy music, as recognized by The Heavy Communion.

Animamortua reveals art work for debut full-length album

A short while after Animamortua made the announcement about signing with Underground Symphony Records, they've now unveiled the artwork for their upcoming album titled 'Gods Among Us'. This album marks the band's inaugural full-length release, following their 'State of Chaos' EP that was released in 2015.

The inception of Animamortua took place in 2015, with the collaborative efforts of Steven Azzopardi handling bass, Josef Bray on drums, Emanuel Portelli and Clayton Cini as guitarists, and Juan Xerri taking on vocal duties.

Established in July 1994, Underground Symphony stands as an Italian record label with a specialization in metal productions. The label has gained prominence for its role in launching the careers of artists such as Labyrinth, Skylark, White Skull, Fabio Lione, and Olaf Thorsen.

Francesca Mercieca's production wins monthly award

The music video for Areola Treat's song "Judgement Day" secured the top spot as the finest experimental film in the monthly accolades presented by the Assurdo Film Festival—an Italian cinema event celebrating alternative, independent, and absurd genres. Crafted by Francesca Mercieca, the concise yet impactful video showcases "Judgement Day," an anthem of garage rock justice. The track resonates with distorted and crunchy guitars that mold an indie-infused melody, accompanied by commanding female vocals of Lisa Micallef Grimaud. The thematic focus centers on an individual who stands as a solitary figure, confronting a moment of reckoning. Paradoxically, this figure finds herself standing trial for a transgression she is innocent of, subjected to persecution by the very individuals who orchestrated the misdeed, along with an array of other offences.

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