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Music Conference, Atomic Flame Line-up Change, & Two Artistic Weddings

Updated: May 22

Sicily Music Conference Returns with International Panels, Workshops Featuring Maltese Participants

The Sicily Music Conference, the first international music conference in Sicily, is now in its third edition. This year, the event will take place from May 22 to 25, 2024, in Palermo and Catania. The conference will feature meetings, panels, workshops, and seminars on various aspects of the music industry, including new technologies, eco-sustainability, gender balance, and copyright, with a special emphasis on education.

Experts from both national and international sectors will delve into themes of accessibility and sustainability within the music industry. The conference will also showcase live music in iconic locations across Palermo and Catania.

Among the various discussions, there will be notable contributions from Maltese participants, such as:

LIVING ON MUSIC IN THE SOUTH... AND LOOKING FOR IT EVERYWHERE (Saturday, May 25): This session aims to explore the challenges and opportunities that Southern musical artists face in pursuing their careers. Through personal testimonies and in-depth discussions, the panel will examine the cultural landscape of southern Italy and beyond, highlighting how music serves as a bridge between local identities and global perspectives. Panellists include Mark Dieler (Lazytime/Meraki), Nuccio La Ferlita (Puntoeacapo), Paolo Mei (Rocketta Booking), Bianca Schillaci (Pulp), Alessandro Miglietta (Sud Sonico), Clayton Gauci (AISO – Director), and Aidan Somers (MEIA – Music Board). The session will be moderated by Enrico Cantaro.

“A BRIDGE” TOWARDS MUSIC TOURISM: FESTIVALS, ARTISTIC RESIDENCES, CONFERENCES… (Saturday, May 25): This discussion will explore the crucial role of festivals, artist residencies, and conferences in promoting music tourism. By discussing innovative strategies and success stories, the event aims to inspire and guide the development of music-related tourism worldwide. Panellists include Enrico Gambadoro (Ortigia Sound System APS), Nuccio La Ferlita (Puntoeacapo Concerti), AnneMarie Spiteri (Sound Art Festival Malta), Marco Palazzolo (One Day Music Festival), Wearebutik, and Bertold Wiesner (Burning Man Camps). The session will be moderated by Damir Ivic (Soundwall).

AnneMarie Spiteri from SoundArt Festival Malta shared: “We don't simply want to be festival organizers! At SoundArt Festival Malta, we aim to enhance platforms for exchange, offering valuable opportunities that truly recognize and support our local scene. With a commitment to a DIY ethos and being artists for artists, we are excited to announce our participation in the Sicily Music Conference, represented by myself and Michael Spiteri, in collaboration with MEIA - Malta Entertainment Industry and Arts Association and AISO Academy.”

Since 2021, the Sound Art Festival Malta has been supporting local acts.

Atomic Flame Announces Line-up Change: Marco Mule Departs, James Galea Joins

Atomic Flame has announced a significant change in their line-up. The band shared that due to unforeseen circumstances, they have parted ways with guitarist Marco Mule. They expressed gratitude for his contributions and wished him well in his future endeavours.

In a positive turn of events, the band revealed that James Galea is joining the band as their new guitarist. Galea, returning to the Maltese music scene after several years, is eager to make his debut with the group. He used to form part of Purple Haze and Dreamscape during the 90's.

The band reassured fans that they will continue to perform and create new music, expressing excitement for the future. They thanked their supporters and signed off with a message to "stay metal!"

Two Artistic Weddings on May 18: Black Metal Guitarist and Soprano, Blues Bassist and Clarinettist Tie the Knot

The happy couples (L to R) Michaela and David Daniela and Elton

On Saturday, May 18, two weddings took place featuring artists from different musical genres. David Cutajar, a Black Metal guitarist, married soprano Michaela Spiteri. At their reception, Michaela captivated the guests by performing three arias from various composers, dedicating them to her family and friends.

David Cutajar is a member of Nokturnal Void, a band previously known as Ammutseba until they changed their name in 2020. Nokturnal Void released their debut album, "Odiiu," on November 17, 2022.

Meanwhile, in another part of the island, blues bassist Elton Mifsud married his long-time partner, clarinet player Daniela Cassar.

The Melodija team extends heartfelt congratulations to both couples.

Michaela & David photo: Justin Mamo Photography

Daniela & Elton photo: Daniela Dalli

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