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New members, new songs and other stories!

Keyboardist Holman Martinez Joins The Stents-Gozo, New Video and Songs on the Horizon

The Stents-Gozo May 2024

The latest addition to Gozitan band The Stents is keyboardist Holman Martinez, originally from Colombia. Martinez joins existing members Denis Mezei, Terence Dutfield, Clayton Buttigieg, and band founder Frank Buhagiar. Additionally, the band revealed ongoing work on a new video, along with the mixing of fresh songs set for release. This forthcoming material, previously hinted at in November, appears to be nearing its final stages of production.

OK OK OK - The New Song by Anthea

Anthea, known as both a singer and a member of the popular ERBA’ group, has just unveiled her latest single, "OK OK OK". This lively R&B track, co-written with Matthew Muxu Mercieca and produced by InSynkAudio, explores themes of mental liberation and navigating complex emotions.

Anthea's poignant lyrics and captivating melodies beckon audiences to embark on a journey of self-discovery and reflection. The forthcoming visualizer for the single promises to offer an immersive visual accompaniment, enhancing the emotive essence of "OK OK OK".

The song is now accessible on all major streaming platforms, such as Spotify, Apple Music, and Amazon Music, ensuring that listeners worldwide can revel in her new musical offering!

SOUNDSCAPES: A Fusion of Musical Worlds

Forming diverse sonic environments, a group of ten musicians, including Malta's top talents and celebrated session artists from the United Kingdom, gathers under the artistic leadership of multi-instrumentalist and composer, Kyle Drakard. Their musical collage effortlessly blends Jazz, Rock, World Music, Funk, and more. Within this seamless fusion, SOUNDSCAPES offers an immersive auditory experience guided by the skill of these performers. Presented by Strada Stretta and Valletta Cultural Agency, admission is free. The event takes place on Friday, May 31st.

Zain debuts live with Pilgrimage & new album news!

Pilgrimage live at Little Devil Doom Day VI - 11/5/24

On Saturday, May 11th, Zain Gauci made his debut on stage with Pilgrimage at the sixth installment of Little Devil Doom Day in Tilburg, The Netherlands. This marked the band's inaugural live performance for 2024, during which they premiered some of their latest compositions.

The band expressed satisfaction with the progress of their upcoming album, suggesting it promises to be a worthy follow-up to their debut. Notably, this second album will include guest contributions, one of which was announced shortly after their performance: Elianne Anemaat has added some remarkable cello arrangements to one of the tracks.

Elianne Anemaat is recognized by many for her work with Celestial Season, although she has also made notable contributions to various other projects and albums. Pilgrimage extends their heartfelt gratitude to her for elevating their new album with her involvement.

Upcoming Malta Jazz Festival 2024 Promises Stellar Line-Up Amidst Cultural Shifts

In an era marked by the dominance of social media glamour and a rise in criticism towards jazz, the Malta Jazz Festival (MJF) stands as a bastion of musical excellence and tradition. Established by Charles Gatt in 1991, the festival has been meticulously curated since 2009 by its dedicated director.

Set to unfold from July 8th to 13th in Malta, this year's edition boasts an extraordinary roster of performers, showcasing a diverse range of talents. Among the featured artists are Walter Smith III, Danny Grissett, Joe Sanders, and a host of other esteemed musicians, reflecting the festival's commitment to presenting cutting-edge jazz from around the world.

Tickets for the event are now available for purchase at here, offering attendees the chance to experience world-class performances against the backdrop of Malta's scenic beauty.

In addition to celebrating the vibrant jazz scene, the festival director encourages support for a cause initiated by Laurent Coq, urging the removal of derogatory content about jazz from a prominent TV channel. For those interested in joining this advocacy, further information and the petition can be found at here. Let us come together to uphold the integrity and dignity of jazz music in today's cultural landscape.

Sammy Murgo's Final Recordings: 'The Last Chapter' Out Now!

Tone Studios is thrilled to announce the release of "THE LAST CHAPTER," featuring Sammy Murgo's final recordings. This collection comprises previously unreleased tracks recorded just months before his passing. Thanks to the support of the Arts Council Malta and Mr. A. Marshall, these recordings are now available on all major music platforms, allowing us to savor the last works of this esteemed musician. Sammy Murgo, a saxophonist, was a trailblazer in the local jazz music scene from the mid-twentieth century until his demise on February 6, 2024, at the age of 87. Hear on Spotify.

Repercussions of Rehearsal Space Sales: A Call for Authorities' Attention

After an article was published in a local newspaper on Tuesday, May 14th, concerning bands being asked to vacate their rehearsal spaces unless they purchase them, there was considerable commentary, especially from the musicians using these premises. Some of these spaces have already been sold to third parties. previously addressed this issue in an article penned by Noel Mifsud titled 'Unraveling the Appreciation of Maltese Artists: A Local Perspective,' published on September 18th, 2023. While we acknowledge all media coverage regarding the matter, we believe may not be in the best position to discuss this matter. Though we hold our own opinions, we strongly believe they should not be disclosed unless authorities or other relevant parties express a need for consultation. Our sympathies and support are with all artists during these challenging times in the local music scene, and we hope for prompt action from the concerned authorities!

Read newspaper article here

Read 'Unravelling the Appreciation of Maltese Artists: A Local Perspective' here

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