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New music by Sonic Storm, Maleth Crucis, Mana Tapu, Aidan Somers, Different Light.

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

New Music.....

Sonic Storm has just released their second single titled 'Web Of Corruption', taken from their debut album 'Keys To Your Ruin'.

Song was mixed and mastered by Peter Grech, with artwork by Headsplit Design while the video was produced and edited by Paul Formosa and can be viewed here.

This was revealed in a short post on their Facebook page the band, in which the band also showed gratitude to a number of people: "We would like to show our gratitude to a number of people who have always supported us as individual musicians as well as a band:

Rene Hades Farrugia & Darren Borg - The Garage/ Kickstart Rock Bar

Matthew Mercieca - MadGiant Media

Our brothers in Angelcrypt and Ascendor

Former members: Robert Friggieri | Edward Tagliaferro | Sean Attard

Steve Lombardo - For being ever-present at every gig, making us sound better than we are

Noel Mifsud - allRock / | Michael Bugeja - Rockna - Ir-Rock taghna l-Maltin

Joshua Micallef and all at Thrash Metal - Malta

Our families and loved ones, especially Denise Vella for their constant support ...THANK YOU!

Stay Metal Everyone!

Francesco | Karl | Paul "

On their social media page Death Metal band Maleth Crucis posted information about a new song called 'Saulos Tarseus': "The second track in the EP ' Historia Nostra'. Saulos takes us back to 60AD and relate the story of the ruthless (and) annihilator of Christians, his conversion to Christianity, his shipwreck on our island and his demise by decapitation."

Summer is but a few weeks away, and with summer we get summer festivals and Mana Tapu. Just a few days before they hit the stage at this year's edition of Earth Garden, the band announced that they'll be opening the season by releasing a new music video for the song 'Shulama' Stay tuned for more information in the coming days.

28th April 2023, marks the release of Aidan Somers'1st ever full length album, promising many more to come towards the end of the year!

'The All Encompassing Spectrum' is a journey into downtempo, world, psychill, and electronica experimental. Projects created between 2019 and 2022 finding the light of day in this body of work. The album features collaborations with talented artists, Alias1, Kyle Drakard, Eliza and Patryk Cutajar.

The album is on spotify and can be listened here.

More news....from Prague

Different Light is a prog band, now based in Prague. Originally formed in 1994 by Trevor Tabone in Malta, they ended the first chapter in 1999. Trevor moved to Prague, where in 2008 decided to reform the band. Today's line-up features Trevor Tabone on vocals and keyboards with Jirka Matoušek (bass), Petr Lux (guitar and backing vocals) and David Filák (drums).

The band are "soldiering on with the production of 'Binary suns 2'" (Facebook post). "Unfortunately our record label is no more and so this has added to the delay of the release of the album. We're hoping to release a single very soon to give you a taste of what's to come, whilst at the same time looking for a new label (if you have any recommendations please mail us at:

We guarantee that it'll be worth the wait (as always ) so thanks for your patience".

Binary Suns (Part 1 - Operant Condition) was releasedin 2020.

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