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New Releases by Currant Daze, Rainforce, A Lily & Edward Mifsud's Raġġ

Updated: Mar 28

Out Of Outlaws- An Original Debut Release!

In a remarkable debut that melds thought-provoking lyrics with cosmically aligned composition, the band Currant Daze has unveiled their maiden release, "Out Of Outlaws". With lyrics that compel listeners to contemplate the fate of those who've forfeited their principles and the enduring struggle of redemption, this track heralds the dawn of a promising new chapter in the music scene.

"Trading their reason they sailed the far sea, slaving for freedom they'll never be free." These poignant words from "Out Of Outlaws" encapsulate the thematic depth of Currant Daze's music, inviting introspection on the complexities of existence and the pursuit of liberty.

Written and composed by the enigmatic duo known as Currant Daze, comprising Braden and Bernard-James, this debut single was meticulously crafted to resonate with audiences on a profound level. Recorded at Somnio Studios, the track boasts a rich sonic tapestry that captivates from the very first note.

Accompanying the mesmerizing audio experience is a visual feast, courtesy of artist Jessica (Linjetta), whose animations and artwork breathe life into the essence of "Out Of Outlaws". Her vibrant illustrations complement the ethereal nature of the music, creating a holistic sensory journey for fans to immerse themselves in.

As Currant Daze embarks on this exciting journey, they promise more celestial rhymes to be unveiled throughout the year, hinting at a future filled with musical innovation and artistic exploration.

For those eager to delve deeper into the world of Currant Daze, the band's debut release can be explored on their official YouTube channel. Additionally, fans can stay connected with the band's latest updates and releases by following them on Facebook and Instagram.

Furthermore, for enthusiasts of Linjetta's captivating artwork, be sure to follow her official Facebook and Instagram pages to stay updated on her latest creations.

"Out Of Outlaws" marks not just the debut of a new musical entity, but the emergence of a profound artistic force destined to leave an indelible mark on the industry. As listeners embark on this sonic odyssey, they're invited to transcend the confines of convention and journey into the boundless realms of imagination with Currant Daze.

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Rainforce's "Almost Holy": A Fusion of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal Excellence

Rainforce, the dynamic rock ensemble comprising members from diverse musical backgrounds, has unveiled their latest offering, "Almost Holy." Comprising Jordan Cutajar's (Nomad Son) on lead vocals, Andy La Morte's rhythm guitars and songwriting prowess, Michael Piranio's lead guitars, Jan Thomas on bass, and Benjamin Mann on drums, Rainforce boasts an eclectic lineup enriched by guest musicians lending their talents to the mix, including Albert Bell (Nomad Son, Forsaken, Albert Bell’s Sacro Sanctus), who plays bass on 'In The Fires'.

The album, following the success of their debut "Lion’s Den" and the EP "Rock And Roll," showcases eleven electrifying tracks that seamlessly blend traditional hard rock with old-school heavy metal. Despite this fusion, Rainforce doesn't shy away from moments of poignant balladry, offering listeners a multifaceted experience.

Drawing inspiration from bands like Krokus, Stryper, Alice Cooper, Gotthard, and Whitecross, Rainforce's sound is characterized by sleek arrangements, infectious riffs, and ear-catching melodies that guarantee a head-banging good time. The infusion of hefty heavy metal elements into their established hard rock sound adds a fresh dimension to their musical repertoire.

Since its inception as Andy La Morte's studio project in 2016, Rainforce has evolved into a formidable force in the rock scene, captivating audiences with their energetic live performances. The band's cohesion and commitment to delivering powerful music both in the studio and onstage have garnered them a loyal and expanding fan base.

With "Almost Holy," Rainforce continues to push boundaries, offering lyrics that reflect Andy's Christian faith and worldview. The album's title itself prompts introspection, with lyrics like "how white do we play our metal?" from "Just Another Song," inviting listeners to contemplate deeper themes while enjoying the infectious rhythms and melodies.

Andy's lyrics, infused with autobiographical elements and narrative storytelling, aim to provoke thought and provide solace and encouragement to listeners—a true embodiment of rock'n'roll spirit.

As Rainforce unleashes "Almost Holy" onto the world, it stands poised to make its mark as a contender for album of the year, showcasing the band's unwavering commitment to their craft and their passion for delivering electrifying rock music that resonates on multiple levels.

"Almost Holy," is set to be unleashed on April 12, 2024, under the banner of Roxx Records (US). With distribution channels spanning the globe, fans in the USA can procure the album directly from Roxx Records via their website or by contacting Meanwhile, Swiss fans can find it at Non Stop Music through For fans worldwide, the album will be available on popular platforms like and Amazon, as well as through numerous mail-order stores. This extensive distribution network ensures that enthusiasts from all corners of the world can access Rainforce's latest musical masterpiece with ease.

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A Lily Unveils Poignant Track 'Tħallinix' from Upcoming Album "Saru l-Qamar"

Renowned musician James Vella, known under the moniker A Lily, has released the final single, 'Tħallinix' [Eng: Don’t Leave Me], from his forthcoming album "Saru l-Qamar." This track encapsulates the essence of the album, which intertwines archival Maltese home recordings with new music, resulting in a captivating blend of nostalgic quasi-ambience and cross-generational dialogue.

Set to be released on April 5th, 2024, via Phantom Limb / Kewn Records, "Saru l-Qamar" marks a significant departure for Vella, who delves into the rich tapestry of Maltese cultural heritage to craft a unique musical experience. The album's title, meaning "They Became The Moon" in English, hints at its thematic exploration of memory, loss, and the enduring presence of those who came before us.

'Tħallinix' emerges as a pivotal track within the album, with Vella explaining its profound significance: "The singer in the recording is expressing so much anguish that my contribution as arranger fell into place almost in real time." The poignant piano lines and haunting melodies serve as a response to the raw emotions conveyed in the original recording, creating a deeply moving musical dialogue that resonates long after the song concludes.

The creation of "Saru l-Qamar" was inspired by the archival work of Malta’s nonprofit heritage foundation, Magna Żmien, which preserves reel tapes containing traditional Maltese songs and familial messages sent by emigrants to their homeland. Through access to these recordings, Vella embarked on a journey of musical reinterpretation, breathing new life into age-old sentiments and stories.

Accompanied by minimal DAW intervention and hardware synthesis, the tracks on "Saru l-Qamar" exude a ghostly, ethereal quality, transforming simple narratives into poignant elegies. As Vella aptly describes, "Though these people have left us, they can never be truly forgotten, as without them we would not be here."

"Saru l-Qamar" follows A Lily's previous releases, including "Sleep Through the Storm" and "Nocturne Thunder," showcasing Vella's versatility as a musician and his ability to craft evocative sonic landscapes. With this latest offering, Vella invites listeners to embark on a transcendent journey through time and memory, where the past intertwines with the present to create something truly timeless.

The album will be available on limited colored vinyl, digital, and streaming platforms on April 5th, with pre-orders currently open on Bandcamp.

A Symphony of Artistry: "Raġġ" Premieres on World Theatre Day

As the world celebrates the rich tapestry of theatrical arts on World Theatre Day, a special announcement sets hearts aflutter in Malta's cultural sphere. Edward Mifsud, (Twenty-Six Other-Worlds), is poised to unveil his masterpiece, "Raġġ," in a momentous premiere by the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra (MPO). Set to take place on Saturday, May 18, 2024, at the illustrious Teatru Astra, this event promises an evening of unparalleled musical enchantment.

"Raġġ" stands as a testament to Mifsud's ingenuity, blending the evocative allure of the progressive rock genre with the lyrical charm of Maltese poetry. This orchestral opus transcends boundaries, weaving a narrative that speaks to the soul while igniting the imagination. Inspired by the ethos of innovation and cultural resonance, Mifsud's composition resonates with both depth and dynamism.

Joining forces with the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra are conductor John Galea, a maestro known for his fervent dedication to artistic excellence, and esteemed guest vocalists Dorothy Bezzina and Chris Grech. Their collaborative synergy promises to breathe life into Mifsud's vision, infusing each note with emotion and vigor.

For aficionados of the arts and seekers of transcendent experiences alike, "Raġġ" beckons as a beacon of artistic brilliance. It is a symphony of artistry that invites audiences to embark on a transformative journey, where melodies merge with meaning, and poetry finds its resonance in the hearts of listeners.

As the curtains rise on this auspicious occasion, Teatru Astra becomes a sanctuary of creativity, where the realms of music and poetry converge in harmonious splendor. World Theatre Day serves as the perfect backdrop for such an event, celebrating the transformative power of performance and the enduring legacy of artistic expression.

So mark your calendars and reserve your seats, for May 18th heralds a night of magic and marvel. Join Edward Mifsud, the Malta Philharmonic Orchestra, and an ensemble of exceptional talents as they unveil "Raġġ" – a symphony that transcends boundaries and resonates with the essence of the human spirit.

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