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New releases by Morsrot & Tribali / Skorch unveils new member / Ritmu Roots festival

Morsrot's EP SEPTICEMIA out now

Morsrot's EP "Septicemia" marks a significant evolution for the young death metal outfit. Born from the creative minds of four musicians, aged 15 to 17, this sophomore release reflects a period of growth and exploration for the band.

Penned during the summer of 2021, "Septicemia" showcases a departure from Morsrot's earlier sound. While still rooted in the raw energy of old school death metal, the EP embraces a more technical and somewhat progressive approach. This shift in style demonstrates the band's willingness to push boundaries and expand their musical horizons.

Despite this evolution, traces of the band's primal origins remain evident throughout the EP. The spirit of OSDM (old school death metal) still pulses strongly within the tracks, serving as a reminder of Morsrot's humble beginnings.

"Septicemia" stands as a testament to Morsrot's journey as a young band finding their voice in the metal scene. With each track, they boldly carve out their place, proving themselves as a force to be reckoned with. As they continue to evolve and refine their sound, Morsrot promises to deliver even more groundbreaking music in the future.

The band shall be performing on Sunday 5th May during the eleventh edition of Rock The South, while the EP can be listened here.

Skorch Announces New Drummer Ahead of Rock The South Malta Gig

After a period of silence, Skorch, the renowned rock band, recently broke the news of their latest lineup change via their official Facebook page. On the morning of Monday, April 15th, the band shared the eagerly awaited update with their fans. The announcement unveiled Jake Zammit as their newest addition to the ensemble, taking on the role of drummer.

In their social media post, Skorch expressed their excitement about integrating Zammit into the group, stating, "The Skorch boys were cookin', welcome to the Fray, Our new Drummer Jake Zammit!" This announcement signifies a fresh chapter for the band, as they prepare to embark on their upcoming performances.

Acknowledging the significance of this transition, the band disclosed that they have been diligently rehearsing with Zammit to ensure a seamless transition and to elevate their performance for their next gig. Skorch is set to take the stage at the esteemed Rock The South Malta festival scheduled for May 3rd, 4th, and 5th. This event promises to be a highlight for both the band and their fans, showcasing their renewed energy and musical prowess.

Amidst the excitement of this announcement, Skorch also took a moment to express their gratitude to Alan Darmanin, their former drummer, for his contributions and unwavering friendship. The band's heartfelt acknowledgment underscores the camaraderie within the music community and the importance of acknowledging past endeavors while embracing new beginnings.

As Skorch gears up for their forthcoming performances with Jake Zammit behind the drum kit, fans eagerly anticipate witnessing the band's dynamic evolution and continued musical excellence on stage.

Ritmu Roots Festival: Celebrating Tradition and Unity

The Ritmu Roots Festival is an international celebration of music, spotlighting contemporary renditions of traditional melodies aimed at inspiring and uniting people. It serves as a platform for traditional performing arts, with a particular focus on Malta’s folk singing tradition, għana, as a cultural cornerstone. The festival emphasizes the importance of supporting local practitioners and communities for the continued evolution of these art forms. To achieve this, it incorporates a robust educational and awareness program designed to attract new audiences and introduce younger generations to the tradition, its performers, and its essence.

Organized by Festivals Malta and backed by VisitMalta and the Ministry for Cultural Heritage, the Arts, and Local Government (Kultura), in collaboration with Magna Żmien, The Splendid, the Ambassade de France à Malte, and Alliance Française, this year's festival is part of and sponsored by GSD Markelting Ltd.

Highlighted events in the Ritmu program include:

  • Għana Għand tal-Iżgej on May 17th at Minżel E. Attard Bezzina, Żejtun.

  • "Il-Qagħda tal-Mument - A Homage" audio-visual installation on May 19th at The Splendid, Valletta.

  • "Niftakar Fik, Frans 'il-Budaj' - Concert I" paying tribute to Frans Baldacchino on May 19th at The Splendid, Valletta.

  • Presentations on Traditional Maltese instruments and the Maltese Tambourine and Percussion Instruments on May 20th at The Splendid, Valletta.

  • "Daqq tal-Prejjem" introduction to the traditional guitar in Maltese għana on May 21st at The Splendid, Valletta.

  • Ethnographic Films Screening on May 22nd at Spazju Kreattiv Cinema, Valletta.

  • "An Encounter with Traditional Sicilian Instruments" on May 23rd at The Splendid, Valletta.

  • "Laboratorio di Ballo Siciliano" on May 23rd at The Splendid, Valletta.

  • Presentations on Cretan Laouto and the Chitarra Battente on May 24th at The Splendid, Valletta.

  • "Prejjem u Għana ma' Ta' Nofsillejl - Session I" on May 24th at Argotti Gardens, Floriana.

  • "Loccisano & DeCarolis" performance on May 24th at Argotti Gardens, Floriana.

  • "The Nefalo Project" blending traditional Cretan music with jazz on May 24th at Argotti Gardens, Floriana.

  • "Prejjem u Għana ma' Ta' Nofsillejl - Session 2" on May 25th at Argotti Gardens, Floriana.

  • "I Casentuli" offering traditional Sicilian music on May 25th at Argotti Gardens, Floriana.

  • "DUO RUUT" presenting Estonian heritage through zither and vocals on May 25th at Argotti Gardens, Floriana.

For further details, visit

Tribali Announces 5th Album Release at Earth Garden Festival

Foto Dominic Catania

Tribali, the Maltese fusion band known for their captivating blend of world music, recently took to their Facebook page to unveil some thrilling news for their fans. After much anticipation, they announced the upcoming release of their fifth album.

With palpable excitement, the band revealed that the official launch of their new album will coincide with their performance at the renowned Earth Garden festival on Friday, June 7th. What sets this release apart is that it will be available on vinyl, a format cherished by music enthusiasts for its warm sound and nostalgic appeal.

In their announcement, Tribali expressed heartfelt gratitude to their dedicated fan base, acknowledging the unwavering support they've received over the years. As the anticipation builds, the band encouraged followers to stay tuned for further updates and details regarding the album release.

For fans of Tribali and lovers of eclectic music alike, this announcement marks a significant moment, promising a new musical journey to embark upon. Keep an eye on Tribali's social media channels for the latest news, and mark your calendars for what is sure to be an unforgettable album launch at the Earth Garden festival.

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