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New releases & upcoming festivals.....

New releases.....

So while we were away on holiday.....

Devil's Breath, have had their released new EP 'AFRICAN SPIRITUAL PATHS' on Three Times Cursed.


"Devil's Breath have at heart indigenous people and they also find them inspirational for making music.

African Spiritual Paths is not the first release revolving around this theme, however this EP is the first to deal with the indigenous people of Africa.

Each track is named after a mask used during rituals relating to funerals and secret societies. Ivory Coast, Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Democratic Republic of the Congo are among the countries where such rituals are carried out. Kanaga, the first track, is very atmospheric and melancholic and its mood fits the expected environment in a funerary ritual. Kòmòkunw, the fourth and final track, is perhaps the most mystical track which goes hand in hand with the mysticism associated with ritual carried out by secret societies.

The listening experience of African Spiritual Paths may be considered Dark Drone Tribal Industrial Ambient being met with Techno influences in Kponyungo and Nwatantay with the rhythm in the EP reaching its fastest pace in the latter, whilst being more experimental in Kòmòkunw."

Whilst we hope the weekend is being kind to you, we hope the listening experience of African Spiritual Paths enhances the positivity !!!!

Written by and produced by Devil's Breath the EP was mastered by Anatoly Tokee Grinberg with cover artwork by Cultura Obscura

In the meantime Sonic Storm released their third single from their debut album ‘Keys to Your Ruin’. Titled 'Into The Pit', the song is aimed to become Malta's metal community anthem.

The song was mixed and mastered by Peter Grech while artwork was done by Paul Formosa who also took care of video production and editing of the song's video.

In the meantime the band's next live appearance shall be during this year's Metal United World Wide taking place at The Garage on September 30th. This will also be the first appearance of Colombian born guitarist MIGUEL ÁNGEL SARMIENTO who joined the band upon invitation after an impressive performance during the Nuts Motorcycle Club charity event in Birżebbuġa jamming along with Steve Lombardo and Francesco.

Metal United World Wide is presented by Shellshock Events and this year will feature Angelcrypt, All Will Know (Germany), Desdemonia (Luxembourg), Desecrate (Italy) and Sonic Storm with doors opening at 7pm, while the first band kicks off at 8pm. Tickets cost €10 from the door.

Ivan Grech, the celebrated front-man and songwriter of Winter Moods, has made a triumphant return with his latest song, '(Let's Get) High on Love,' which was unveiled on Monday, September 4th, 2023. This eagerly awaited release marks Ivan's second solo endeavour, following his highly successful debut with 'Somebody Like You' back in 2019. With a reputation for delivering unforgettable performances and captivating audiences in Malta and Gozo, Ivan once again showcases his musical prowess with this latest offering.

In discussing '(Let's Get) High on Love,' Ivan reveals, "The song emerged from a sound that inspired an atmospheric backdrop, setting the stage for haunting, laid-back melodies that culminate in a catchy chorus. In terms of sound, lyrics, and melody, it conveys a heartening sense of unity and connection." This release not only highlights Ivan's distinctive voice but also explores a more contemporary sound with a subtle nod to the '80s, a style that has experienced a resurgence in recent times.

'(Let's Get) High on Love' serves as a tantalising glimpse into a larger project: Ivan Grech's forthcoming solo album, scheduled for release in 2024. This release is poised to become a memorable addition to Ivan's impressive body of work.

For further details about Ivan Grech, please visit

....upcoming festivals

In recent days, the final bands participating in this year's revival of the Malta Deathfest have been revealed, bringing an end to the lineup announcement and the official poster for the event was uncovered. Artwork for the event was done by Mark Casha.

Tickets available from KickStart, Santa Venera, The Garage or either from David Cachia or Rene Hades Farrugia

3 day ticket : 60€

2 day ticket : 45€

1 day ticket : 25€

This year's lineup:

Gutalax, Severe Torture, Hour Of Penance, Coffin Birth, Repulsive Vision, Abysmal Torment, Extinction, Bound To Prevail, Putrefied Corpse, Luciferi Regnum, Abrupt Demise

Michael Khill, Thy Legion, Indecent Excision.

Also announced was Malta's long lasting Halloween event featuring six bands. This year celebrating 15 years of Halloween Massacre on two days with weekend tickets priced €25 and €15 for day tickets from the door.

For more events visit the events page on Melodija

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