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Nosy Neighbour Song / Joon Surprised / Get Hemplified / Anime Inspired

Updated: Jul 5, 2023

The Travellers sings about 'is-Sindikajr Malti'

The Travellers have unveiled their upcoming single, "Jum Ġdid," along with its accompanying music video. This fresh and uplifting track is featured on their latest album, "Inżul u Tlajja'," and sheds light on the Sindikajr Malti, a prevalent presence in Malta known for their incessant curiosity. In every neighborhood, there's that one nosy neighbor who possesses an uncanny knowledge of everyone's lives. They lurk in the shadows, their eyes prying, eagerly seeking to uncover every detail. This song encapsulates the essence of these inquisitive individuals, who go to great lengths to master their snooping skills, considering it an art form, and perhaps even believing they are indispensable to their community.

Sweet surprise in email

Several months ago, Joon experienced a delightful surprise when she received an email from the esteemed German director, Seb Strasser. Attached to the email was a video utilizing her track "E.T.," which had been expertly filmed by Roman Vasyanov, known for his work on notable films such as "Suicide Squad" and "Fury."

Yasmin Kuymizakis, widely recognized as Joon, hails from Dingli and is a talented singer-songwriter and producer. Recently, she has been on an incredible journey, embarking on numerous tours across the United States and securing opening slots for renowned artists of immense stature.

Joon shall be performing on the Enchanted Stage at Earth Garden Festival on Saturday.

The Stoner Side Of The Doom is released - consider yourself Hemplified

Hemplifier's debut 'The Stoner Side Of The Doom' was released on Friday 2nd June via Sardinian label Electric Valley Records in Black Vinyl, Yellow Smoke Vinyl and a limited edition titled "Hemp Edition".

Just a few hours the label announced the release Hemplifier announce the date for a local celebration event...more info here.

"HEMPLIFIER is a Stoner/Doom band from the island of Malta consisting of Emanuel Portelli (Thy Legion, Victims of Creation, Pilgrimage, Animamortua), Bażaż (Lady Lizard, R.A.S.) & Dino Mifsud Lepre (Victims of Creation, Pilgrimage) – we ‘joint’ in 2019. All of us 3 have experience & have been playing in other bands before, whilst also still active presently in other bands apart from Hemplifier. Some of us have been in the scene from the ‘90s. The trios’ target was to jam, get high, compose the heaviest riffs possible, have a good time & send seismic waves to the planet while aboard their spacecraft! We worship Amps & Vintage Gear! Our lyrical themes are that of sci-fi, aliens, the supernatural, occult, voodoo, weed, giants & a touch of local folklore & myth."

The album shall soon be available from the band itself.

Anime inspired song by Aidan Somers

In a short post on his facebook page Aidan Somers wrote "Just released the first single 'Konoha' inspired by my favorite anime Naruto, this is the first song off of my upcoming album 'Feel' out at the end of July".

Aidan can be caught performing a variety of unreleased works this Saturday from 5 to 6pm at the Enchanted Forest during Earth Garden Festival 2023!

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